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Release notes 3.17 (Daily Specials)

Daily Specials   

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  1. 1. Which day(s) are you looking forward to the most?

    • Monday - Shortstack Master (Cash PLO)
    • Tuesday - Bubble Burster (MTT NLHE)
    • Wednesday - Wild Wednesday (MTT NLHE)
    • Thursday - Deepstack Legend (Cash NLHE)
    • Friday - Banzai Bonanza (Banzai NLHE)
    • Saturday - HexaPro Extreme (HexaPro NLHE)
    • Sunday - Stellar Sunday (MTT NLHE)

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Previous release notes can be found here.

Release date: 21st April
Next release: 17th May

I've been teasing for it since December last year year and now it's here! Daily Specials will go live on Monday the 25th with Shortstack Master.

We believe this promotion is a great fit with the recreational player first philosophy and it will also enhance the experience in the markets with serious promotional restrictions. 
Along with it we introduce various new features like popup prompt on login and "table nudges" .


Still running/upcoming from previous release(s):

  • Prize Drop, 4th April – 5th May
  • April Mission
  • Affiliate race, 1st – 30th April

Included in this release:

  • UOS 16, 24th April – 9th May
  • Flop race, 2nd May – 5th June
  • Daily HexaPro race, 1st May – 31st May
  • May Mission
  • Daily Specials, 25th April - 

Coming in May release:

  • Loyalty Points race, 6th June – 4th July
  • 25 Years of Unibet 
    • HexaPro promo
    • MTT Leaderboard series 25 MTT´s
  • June Mission


New features/Improvements

  • Daily Specials client features. Below a high-level overview of what this entails.

Welcome Message


You are greeted with a daily welcome message informing about today’s Daily Special - notice the option to hide message in the future (at the bottom).


Weekly menu



You can reach the weekly overview from the combined promotions view (gift icon) and see the offering


Table nudge


Nudges gently suggesting today´s Daily Special is about to start


  • Daily Specials - Day details

Monday – Shortstack Master

Can you collect all the chips and become our Pot Limit Omaha Shortstack Master? From 17:00-01:00 CET/CEST, take your seat with 10-20 big blinds and try to build the biggest stack you can.
If you’ve built the biggest stack by the end of the day, you’ll receive a €50 cash game ticket for being the Shortstack Master! You’ll also earn an exclusive avatar and your alias will appear in the title the next week, so everyone will know you’re the one to beat!


We open a Shortstack Omaha cash game pool with €0.25/€0.50 blinds and €5-€10 buyin from 15:00 UTC until 01:00 UTC. Player with biggest stack will be marked with a crown above avatar.


  • The biggest stack will receive a cash game ticket for next week´s game (SE, BE, DK, NL excluded)
  • Master avatar for bragging rights
  • Winner alias will name next week´s pool in client



Tuesday – Bubble Burster

We’ve ramped up the pace with the Bubble Burster MTTs so you can reach the money even quicker! The tournaments start from 19:00 CET/CEST with buy-ins of €1, €5, and €10 so everyone can get involved. As the tournament progresses and we get closer to the money, the tournaments will slow down so you have more time to maneuver your way to a big prize.
If you win two Bubble Burster MTTs, at the same buy-in, in one night, then you’ll receive 100x the buy-in in bonus points and an exclusive avatar in recognition of you cleaning up at the tables.
Finish 1st in all three Bubble Burster MTTs at the same buy-in, in one night, and you’ll win 1000x the buy-in in cash. That’s €1,000, €5,000 or even €10,000!


We run 9 tournaments with 3 different buyins on Tuesday evenings. Bubble Bursters are MTT`s that start out with short blind levels but changes into longer blind levels as we get closer to reaching the money.


  • Win 2 out of 3 MTT`s with same buyin and get 100x buyin (SE, BE, DK, NL excluded)
  • Win 3 out of 3 MTT`s with same buyin and get 1000x buyin (SE, BE, DK, NL excluded)
  • Winner avatar for bragging rights:
    • Win 2 out of 3 in one night (same buyin)
    • Win 3 out of 3 in one night (any 3 Bubble Burster)



Wednesday – Wild Wednesdays 

Wednesday nights are getting wild as we unleash €1/€2 rebuy tournaments from 20:00 CET/CEST where the rebuys cost just ¼ of the buy-in. This means it’s even easier for you to get back into the jungle and chop down the competition.
If you win 2 Wild Wednesday MTTs, at the same stake, in 1 night, you’ll receive a special avatar so you can show everyone you’re top of the food chain.


These are cheap rebuy tournaments (1/4 of buyin) every Wednesday evening. 6 tournaments in total, three €1 buyin and three €2 buyin. This is truly the day of wild and crazy action at the lower buyin MTT's.


  • Win 2 out of 3 for Snake avatar
  • Win 3 out of 3 for Panther avatar


Thursday – Deepstack Legend

Every Thursday from 17:00 CET/CEST, you have the chance to become a Deepstack Legend! We’ll be opening some special €0.05/€0.10 tables where you can sit down with 500-1000 big blinds and try to build the biggest stack you can before 01:00 CET/CEST.
If your stack towers over everyone else’s by the end of the night you’ll receive an exclusive avatar, the tables will be named after your alias the following week and a cash game ticket worth €100!


On Thursdays we open a deepstack cash game pool, NL100 with blinds €0.05/€0.10 - 1000 big blinds deep! A crown will show current total biggest stack in the pool. 
Prizes for biggest stack at the end: 

  • Buyin for next week´s game, CG Ticket worth €100 (SE, BE, DK, NL excluded)
  • Bragging avatar
  • Winner alias name will be displayed in client next week (see below)

 Deepstack Legend in cash game lobby with bubble info text opened




Friday – Banzai Bonanza

Friday night is fight night as No limit Texas Hold’em cash games go Banzai! All players start with 10 big blinds and then war commences.
From 17:00–01:00 CET/CEST we’ll also add a NL50 stake so everyone will have a chance to battle it out for supremacy on the felt. 
During the 8 hours of Banzai Bonanza you can earn points towards a €250 flop race leaderboard with €100 for the winner.


We open an extra NL50 (€2.5/€5 blinds) Banzai cash game table and we dress up all Banzai CG tables for the day!


  • €250 Flops seen leaderboard race 5 prizes (SE, BE, DK, NL excluded)


Saturday – HexaPro Extreme

This is a poker game unlike anything you’ve ever seen before - HexaPro Extreme is faster and more adrenaline-filled with Jackpots hitting left and right. We’ve boosted the 100x multiplier to 125x and it hits 40 times more often than in regular HexaPro. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be running Jackpot Mania non-stop, and you’ll often find that a 125x game is guaranteed to hit within just a couple hundred games!
The lowest multiplier games are over in the blink of an eye while we allow for a proper game of poker when you get into the exciting 125x games. €1 and €10 buy-ins will be available from 10:00 CET/CEST every Saturday.


HexaPro Extreme will open up on Saturdays from the morning until late in the evening and will be a separate tab in the HexaPro lobby and new visuals for the lottery (this game will also be available on other brands where we offer HexaPro).

The ‘Extreme’ element can be summarized by: 1. very fast gameplay in the lower multipliers but more room for proper poker in the higher ones, 2. A very different multiplier distribution with 125x hitting more than 40 times as often as 100x in regular HexaPro.

Initially we'll offer two buyin levels: €1 and €10.


  • Winner´s avatar for getting into a 125x HexaPro
  • Jackpot Mania will be live on one of the two stakes while Extreme tables are open




Sunday – Stellar Sunday

It’s time to blast off the biggest tournaments we have to offer, only on Stellar Sunday! The €100 buy-in Supernova offers you a chance to send your bankroll to the moon each week and on the first Sunday of the month we also have the Supermoon. This €250 buy-in PKO always offers an astronomical first place prize.
Look out for the superqualifers running as well, so you can shoot for the stars on a budget.  


For now, this is mostly just about highlighting the Sunday majors and in particular the two Supernova tournaments.

•    Winner’s avatar for Supernova




Bug fixes

  • Issue fixed when creating new alias on Mobile WEB, before the alias text disappeared
  • Issue with incorrect content in MTT tabs (content gets mixed up), possible fix done



We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Thursday 21/04/2022 05:00-06:00 UTC.

Games will be paused during update.

New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update.

Update may be finished earlier.


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On 4/12/2022 at 8:37 AM, Stubbe-Unibet said:

Would like to add some extra value to the community, in connection with daily specials. If you have any good promo ideas, let me know 🙂 


Can we do 1-3small special missions per day, with say a top 10 leaderboard for who finishes most during the week?

Have to use community nick

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Ideas / thoughts:

1) Shorstack master: V similar to Banzai just 2x the BI and its PLO. Suspect this will be absolutely mental with a ton of people sending it every other hand, great if you wanna gambool. Rec players will love it, I think this is fab. I will have a spin for sure. Should rake a lot assuming its the same rake struc. as 50PLO? The fact that you win a prize for spinning it up disincentivises ratholing which is a major issue in PLO games.

2) Bubble burster: I can see the appeal for people who think comps are pointless bingo once average stacks reach <15bb. Jackpot is a very generous giveaway, but god is it hard to win 3 in a row (would love for someone to manage it though). Another site has a very similar promo, i rate it. Another site also resets the blind level on the FT to make for deeper more meaningful play which is quite cool, v similar idea to this. Seems good.

3) Wild Wednesdays: lmfao nanostakes mtts gonna be even more of a puntfest than they already are. Again, I wont hop in but if I played nanostakes comps I def would.

4) Deepstack legend: I slated this idea a bit a while back but I kinda get it at 10nl. Seems like it might be a bit nitreggy. Issue I can imagine is that the 10nl players dont wanna sit 100 deep and the 100nl players dont wanna play with 0.10 blinds. Might be a bit nitreggy with 25nl nitregs playing scared, idk. Long term I think it will need a promo to keep people playing (probably more than bragging rights).

5) Banzai Bonanza: This is for a completely different customer to all the other games, its the biggest game on the site ( in terms of the size of the big blind). I imagine pool is a mix of some B20 players who are feeling frisky and then some 400nl players trying banzai for the first time. Swings will be fucking unreal. Flop race is a great way to encourage people to take a shot, esp the B20 players who are probably gonna think this is a big step up. I will be in the mix. Makes sense having this Friday night because this HAS to be at a time when there is already multiple games of B20 so there will be sufficient volume to run.

6) Hexapro Extreme: I think a distribution with more 100 or 125x wins is better than an infinitesimally small chance to win 1000x. My heart sinks when i see the game whittle down the options to 1000x and 1.5x cos i know its gonna be 1.5x. IDK what the deal with rake is but if its 15bb stacks in the majority of games then its gonna be REALLY hard to overcome 6.8% rake, there is just so little room to push edge. I quite like the idea of it being slower and deeper when its a big multiplier eg. 20x or more, I rate that. Obviously if there is a jackpot mania running then the true rake is less relevant. I will flick in a few games when jackpot mania is running at the 10 Euro level.

7) Stellar Sundays: IDK what to say other than the avatar is pretty dope.

Community missions: I wouldn't have some overall weekly leaderboard thing because the 7 days are completely different games for completely different player types. There are people who fire 1 euro comps and there are people who play B50 and there is no overlap IMO.

For the PLO and banzai you really want promos that encourage people to stay and gamble and discourage hit and running.

eg. most people stacked in one hand would be a funny challenge, or biggest side pot won where you lose the main.

For the hexapros: winning a hexa in the fewest hands possible.

in the deepstack cash I think we wanna incenvitise LAG play, maybe something like bet >50BB on river with no pair and win, or win a pot with 72. 

Dunno about the comps, maybe making the most FTs or something, or deepest runs on the first bullet in the wild ones.

Run good everyone, should be some mad mad games in some of these.


Edited by Wizard
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@Wizard thanks for some really great feedback! 🙂 

  • There's anti ratholing in the shortstack master: "No ratholing (leaving the table and rejoining with smaller stack) is allowed in Omaha Shortstack." so while it will definitely be full of action and crazy play at the beginning of the day, the dynamics will be completely different later in the day as more players are sitting with what could be really big stacks.
  • Bubble burster. At the moment we're a bit limited with the mechanics for a "proper" bubble burster setup, but we might develop this in the future, depending on how it performs as part of Daily Specials.
  • Wild Wednesday. Same thoughts as you. We might add a higher buyin in the future, if the €2 does well (I'd personally love a €10 buyin with €2.5 rebuy).
  • Deepstack legend. Not as concerned as you, but let's see how it goes 🙂
  • Extreme rake. To be completely honest I'm not a fan of 6.8% rake on such a fast and volatile game. However, with JP Mania running all the time I don't think it's relevant really.

Agree about not doing a leaderboard for all 7 days combined. As you might have seen, I made another thread where the shortstack master details are already added. Will keep feedback in mind for other days.

Good luck! 

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Client used to be loading instantly, now there this loading thing. Its only 5-10 secs, but you can call this a new feature 😚


the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist
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14 hours ago, jerry said:

Client used to be loading instantly, now there this loading thing. Its only 5-10 secs, but you can call this a new feature 😚


It'll be gone Monday, or it'll be down to 0-2 sec loading time 🙂

It's there to load the daily specials content and popup, which we allow up to 10 seconds for. Not ideal but as it is only a few days I thought we could live with it instead of spending dev hours fixing it.

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3 hours ago, Sparrow473 said:

Cool promos, but bug found in windows client seeing promos.


This is being worked in but no confirmation on whether a release will be needed to fix it. We'll likely wait the full week and see what other issues might occur with the daily specials (today there was an issue with the leader board on Web client) 

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On 3/21/2022 at 3:16 PM, Stubbe-Unibet said:

Unfortunately no news on this one. QA managed to reproduce it but then when the developer was looking to fix it, he couldn't reproduce on same device. A fair bit of time was spent on this one and it got parked in the end, due to the issue reproducing the issue.

We might be able to have another go at it in a couple of weeks

Anything new on this front @Stubbe-Unibet? Still my IPad and Safari browser refuse to fully co-operate.

Thanks (again)!

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 4/26/2022 at 6:56 PM, GotKot99 said:

Anything new on this front @Stubbe-Unibet? Still my IPad and Safari browser refuse to fully co-operate.

Thanks (again)!

We unfortunately haven't had any time for this one (it remains low priority as it isn't a general issue and iPad safari and browser client is not a very common combination)

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12 hours ago, Stubbe-Unibet said:

We unfortunately haven't had any time for this one (it remains low priority as it isn't a general issue and iPad safari and browser client is not a very common combination)

Thanks @Stubbe-Unibet for the update!

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