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Whether playing casino or poker, often you find yourself most of balance gone, left with peanuts and chances for recovery are slim to none. Any cure for that? Not really, you can try to grind with lower stakes (boring) or try to raise stakes for few spins what balance is good for and hope to get really lucky. Chances for either to work ain't great.

But, introducing idea for Livertool's highest volatility balance booster one armed bandit slot known to mankind:

Slot has only one stake (1€ for example) and one win category which is 1000x. Removing other pay outs increases chance to hit that magical multiplier big time and with only one stake option every spin has equal chance to win. Not a good slot to grind but worth to take a shot to rise from dead with last 10€-20€

Ofc same could be used in poker (with smaller scale for less spinners) like 1€ spin and price could be something like ticket to main tourny of the day.

@Stubbe-Unibet and Relax shall deliver? 


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56 minutes ago, GR1ZZL3R said:

It's a bit like my profit and loss account, the figures don't quite add up. 🤔



I picked poker & casino so you must have picked neither. Maybe it didn't count me as voter for creating vote????

1 hour ago, Stubbe-Unibet said:

I don't believe in quite that high a volatility setup, but I'd love to see a way more volatile HexaPro game, with a 1x or 0x multiplier 🙂 - so more like a regular slot game really. Would cap max win at 500x, unless it's a progressive jackpot.

In that case i would ban 1x for eating chance for higher multipliers. But i can imagine it getting very frustrating fast if you hit 0x couple times in short period. Problem with hexa is that only one winner so there is still only one third chance to win when with slots you either win or not. But if you split hexa winners more than one, then price also reduces, hard to make it better. Unless you introduce 9 player multitable bounty hexa where winning one table gets you some bounty and final table is played for multiplier 😄

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1 hour ago, Stubbe-Unibet said:


Remove 125-3 multipliers, change 500 to 1000 and hexa to one line slot and then we are talking, we even get better chance to win jp with around once in 1000 games if rtp over 96 😄

But if it is hexa that it must be, 3x hit % seems fine but how would it look if 5-125 would be squeezed into 2 or 3 categories? 5x is kind of meh.

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15 minutes ago, Stubbe-Unibet said:

Also had this one saved:


You play 100/1€ games, throw away your money 80 times, 14 times chance to win 5€ and 5 times 25€. Even if you hit top 2 multipliers, you can be down after 100 games depending position and distribution of high prices. Don't sound too tempting 😄

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