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where is my free 25 ron bet from 24.03.2021 ???


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There are some free bet promos running so I decided to take part of the action. Yesterday, 24.03.2021 was the promo that if I bet 50 RON  on Romania U21 vs Netherland U21 I will get a free 25 RON bet. I placed the bet and guess what?! I got 0 free bet as expected.  I contacted support to see where is my free bet and the guys sais that the promo was only for the other world championship games and not for the U21 ones. =))

I know that I don't look that smart, but man, I'm not that stupid either. I sent the support guy on chat the promo itself and the terms and conditions of it. After 5+ minutes he said that he is still wainting for a response from the guys that know this things and after a couple more minutes he said that he has to send a request for me and that I will receive a response on my email. 

End of story for now!

I attached the printscreens of my bet and the promo itself so you can see it with your own eyes. Unfortunatelly it is in Romanian but it is not hard to see that I am not hallucinating about that promo. What a joke!

1. The bet itself

2. The support saying that it is not for U21

3. The promo itself



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