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Bonus did not start


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Got 3 Bonus symbols on final countdown on my last 10€.

Bonus never started, lasts symbol did not "light up".

Tried refreshing and nothing happened.

Am I able to play this bonus? I was hyped for my first 10€ bet bonus ever and then this happened..Screenshot_20191018-005056.thumb.jpg.3e44ac2cef48af4fe97d07b31442f24b.jpg



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Hi @Jememe, welcome to the Community :)

I see my colleagues have already intercepted your contact and raised this possible issue to our provider this morning, however there is no answer yet. As soon as we know more they will be reaching out to you via e-mail with the answer. Please let us know if there's anything we can do from our end though.



Former Community Moderator
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Hey @Lukaszubek,

As @Livertool mentioned, it depends on the supplier. I did check your case and unfortunately there is no update yet. There is also a note that our CS will call you once there is an update. I don't expect it to take too long now.

Edit: And just for reference, the case started in this thread was sorted within 6 days. 

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