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17:15 Freeroll Help! 17:15 Freeroll Help!


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Hi Unibet,


I registered for the popular Unibet €100 Hold-em Freeroll and was just going to enter the lobby to look at the player list and caught the "Unregister" button. Arrrrrgggghhhhh you hear mw cry! Yes this was a genuine mistake! If any of the Unibet geeks can take a look and see I registered at 16:45:01 under the alias of "HoboBarry" and could in any way reinstate me as this was a genuine accident and was looking forward to this tournament.


Kindest river regards,


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@DoktorAvalanche wrote:

I lost a watch about 25 years ago in a local park. Completely by accident. Would any Unibet employees be able to find it or replace it. 

Also, i need waking for work tomorrow. Any chance a Unibet employee could come round and gently wake me?




We have a comedian...I mean we have a Straw Man in the room. #NiceTry

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