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Help me! (31 Days of Christmas)


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@jackfruit wrote:

I played a multi-table tournament for 1 euro.

I played the SnG 5 seat for 1 euro.

I played the HU SnG for 1 euro.

I even played all three types of tournaments at the same time

Mission not accomplished! What is the problem?12.jpg.9673aa2af0eebdbcd7852865cfc685d7.jpg











@jackfruit Look at the mission date carefully and you might see what the problem is. I know some of you guys are keen to get all the missions done, but a day early?


"Let the chips fall where they may"          image.gif.2984c907c63151493f6e0f79ede0a9bb.gif

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@GR1ZZL3R wrote:

@Purps wrote:

That one is for tomorrow

A much more concise and less sarcastic answer than mine. 🤣

Thank you, I'm a a man of few words... It's a finnish thing 🤫

tbh, I think that the mission "box" would be better if it only showed the current date. Would be more exciting, and apparently less confusing if it was so.

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@startelver wrote:

How can you think 4. december is today ? :wow:

Probably because normally when there's a challenge list, each of the three visible challenges can be/needs to be done the very same day. This list is rolling and shows only 1 accepted challenge/day with color image and a tiny number in the next icon 😏

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