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THANK YOU @ Jonny2192


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A Message of Thanks and Heart Felt Gratitude 


Where do I begin to even express my gratitude where words cannot seem to achieve what I’m feeling?

So I get home and there is the iconic bell on my poker client with the number “3” just above it and I click to see 3 community rumble 2018 tickets....to which I am not entitled. 

And then it hits me the gratitude of @jonny2192 immediately this dawns on me as I am a man who studies the scriptures....

”Greater love has no man this that he lays down his life for his friends” - Jesus. 

Whilst your Sir @jonny2192 didn’t lay down your life you gave me your entitlement to a tournament and for that my friend I am super grateful and will always have this story to tell. I am very humbled By this heartfelt gesture of yours and I want to make it known this great act of kindness you have done for a small stakes player as myself. 

In closing great poker players are most known for the number of tournaments or money they have won and for the monster hands they’ve played but legends are known for what they lay down and in this case my friend you laid down something great for another. 

Huge THANK YOU my friend. 

Also a big thanks to @JeppeL and the other moderators for the Rumble tournament and for facilitating this request. 943EFBAF-41C6-4B62-AFE3-02D2CEDC0270.thumb.jpeg.6ddff001856f9ccb6405d65c95f070cc.jpeg




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Hi @jonny2192. I joined this community because I started reading the posts and liked what I saw, and to be honest I have a lot of time on my hands, much of which hangs heavy for reasons that I wont bore you with here but when I log in and see messages on my bell I get a little kick. I was really amazed by your offer of ticket donations then gobsmacked @JeppeL said it was done, checked back in the client and saw tickets there I am slightly overwhelmed. I really appreciate the gesture and have raised Unibet back up toA+ (it always was really) but the community is AA+ and you sir are AAA++. I am not being fawning or sychophantic because thats not my style and its not the value (who doesnt love something for nothing) but its the GESTURE. I truly thank you.

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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