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Causality Rank 10
Rank 10

Great challenge yarik wish you the best of luck you're going to crush it Smile

yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14

Unfortunately, bad times have come. Teardrop 
I don't give up and trying to play as much as I can to reduce swings, but for the last four days I won only $2. Rofl I'm not gonna cry about my bad luck, all of us had downswings in their poker careers and here is nothing new to talk about, but just a two screenshots to understand what is happening with me now:


Got it? Laugh

Actually, I'm still full of optimism, because it's not the first and not the last time. Just hope for an early upstreak. Anyway I will play 5 more days and then I'm going to update results and go for a couple days break if nothing changes. It's funny, because today I have played 149 games with 72 ITM places (about %46) and ended up day with only $1,80 profit. How does it happened? Just 24 1st & 48 2nd ones. Puking

@Causality Thank you, Kyle! One day we will meet at Uk Tour ME final table. Smile

@Silver1 once I started the day with 14-16 loses in a row, lol. But I ended it up with 40+ euros profit. Sometimes swings are looking like a stupid joke from poker gods. Smile Actually, I want to share some experience, but nothing more I can tell you. 80% of my skill is experience + YouTube channels that I have sent to you. But I'm always open for some interesting hands discussion.

tatuaj7 Rank 12
Rank 12

Good luck @yarik_gr ! I will follow you with interest and I hope I will learn the secret of your success! Smile

polarbear Rank 17
Rank 17

if you can live with 300 euro/month that is fine ....but question is : how long?

do you pay taxes for pension of healty insurence? how old are you?

believe me i know what i mean ...playingat 1 euro stake for get a online job without paying any of the above i think that is not fine for long term.

someone at one point will ask you what you ve done on the last 5-7 years....what iy will be your answer? you must be smart then

yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14

@polarbear Don't know from what country you are, but I want to remind you that €300 is a good salary in Belarus. Now I have about $4-5/hour what is about $700 monthly (I agree, that it's just a theorethical number). Actually, for 1.5 years that I'm playing poker for a living I had 2 monthes with a $1.000+ profit and had some monthes with only $250 profit. So I can say now that $550-600 is my average (what is 2 monthly salaries in my city). At August my girlfriend decided to quit her job (with $7 daily and a lot of responsibilites), so I decided to make money in more stable, but in a little less profitable way. I started this challenge to fight laziness and my plan is to finish it in 80-90 days, but I seted a 100 days goal, because everything can happen, you know. Fortunately, she already at probation on a new job, so I'm gonna move to a little higher stakes after that challenge, I think.

I know, that for most of people from Europe it looks kinda funny with their salaries, but I have graduated law university and can speak 3 languages on a quite good level, but the maximum salary I can expect by working in law sphere is $300. Some of my university friends are now working for $150-200, can you imagine? You must be a lucky guy or have a "good friend" to find a well-paid job here (I mean $500+ monthly). So, what do you think is good for me: playing poker for 100 hours and even $400 monthly or working on a job I don't like with a lot responsibilites and a small advance chance for $300?

For now poker for me is the only way I can feel myself a person who are working not only for money for food and bills. Life is pretty cheap here, but not cheap enough for most of people. I'm now only 23 years old and I understand all possible outcomes, so I have plan B, and even C & D plans. But now poker "job"  is the most perspective way for me.

I wrote you an answer, but somehow deleted it and wrote it one more time. Smile
Thank you for a really good question, hope you get the answer. Best of wishes!

@tatuaj7 Thank you, I will try my best!

@Ray-Unibet I don't know what happend, but after editing my post for a second time it just disappeared and it happened twice. Luckily I made a copy after first time. Smile Looks like a Community bug, can you check?

Silver1 Rank 16
Rank 16

@yarik_gr sounds good about sharing thougts and knowledge!

For me it sounds as you personally have solved a very complex question and quest many struggle with, “What shall I work with?”. You have chosen a job that you find fun, profitable and in which you don’t need to work 160H there more  month. You are your own boss and have a great graduation on top of it as a backup plan. I think that you desrve to feel very safe and comfortable with your life and situation. You are in a spot which many poker players and professional gambler would dream about! I totally understand the path you taken. You have my support dude!

n_X Rank 10
Rank 10
yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14


My plan was to update my topic once in 10-15 days, but I was running really bad last couple of days, so I decided to take a little break. I have everyday notes where I record some things I should work on, so I better take that time for study. I can talk forever about reasons of that bad run, but the main are:

- bad luck (nothing I can do there);
- tilty calls (actually, when I see that I'm starting make a stupid decisions, I'm finishing my session, but anyway it happens sometimes);
- too many 2nd places (usually I have about 40% of 1st and 60% of second, but now it's about %25 to %75; for me it looks like runbad, but anyway I'm always thought that deep HUs is my weak side).
- small amount of games (my plan was to play 600-800 games during last 6 days, but I only played 400+, but it's hard to play when you get nothing bad, you know);
- soft problems (still have everyday disconnections, sometimes it doesn't matter, but it hurts when it's push/fold with ~5bb at some tables and I skip 2-3 hands).

Day 17: -$2,34 (28 games)
Day 18: +$9,23 (18 games)
Day 19: -$6,38 (146 games)
Day 20: +$1,80 (149 games)
Day 21: +$0,71 (54 games)
Day 22: -$4,47 (21 games)

Overall results: Profit: +$372,55 (day 22 goal: $440) / games played: 1452 (day 1868 goal: 2200).

Good news: at the beginning of my challenge I was running pretty good, so I was relaxed last week; now I'm running really bad, so it's stimulates me a lot to try my best to catch up with my plan. I've seen worse times, anyway. I will try to play ~1.500 more games until 20th December and then I will update my results again, I think. I'm still feeling optimistic and don't even think about giving up. A couple of bad beats can't break me. Laugh

Thank you for reading! Smile

@Silver1 thanks a lot! It's really motivates me when I see people who supports my view of life. Actually, I don't think that a lot of people wanna be just like me, because I'm really "rich" guy for only poor countries. Smile It's impossible to play such a small stakes and live good in EU.

@n_X I will suport it for sure, but it looks like developers already answered you. Smile Good idea!

GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

Good statistical update and reasoning @yarik_gr. Just because you fall a bit behind your targets don't push too hard to catch up, it's never too good to feel too much pressure, but just a touch here and there can help. GL and run good. Thumbs Up

It Is What It Is
Silver1 Rank 16
Rank 16

I have always liked people who go they own way. That’s for me is a sign of strength and it’s totally idenpendet and not correlated to money. I think you are a inspiration @yarik_gr!