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yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14

Hi! I was reading @EL_HEFAZO blog and decided to start something similar.

Unfortunately, I had some bad experience with blogs and already finished one, so I decided to do it like challenge.

My main goal is to make a $2.000 profit in 100 days. Secondary goal is to play 10.000 games. This is a little bit "dirty" challenge, because I'm also gonna include rakeback and small percentage of MTTs and cash games, but I'm only will play it for missions, so I think that >%95 of my profit will fall on SnGs.

I'm kinda lazy and that's the main reason I decided to start this challenge.

A little info about me: I'm playing poker for ~4 years and was a profitable small stakes MTT reg (€2-10 games), but one day I decided that swings is not for me and I can make the same money 9-tabling €1 SnG's. I was a little bit scared, because it was a step back for me, but now I'm sure that it was a good decision. I have played about 15.000 SnG's at Unibet. I live in Belarus and $300 is the average salary here, so if somebody think that I'm just wasting my time - no, I don't. Smile

Honestly, I'm already started my challenge. I was scared to announce it and catch a long downswing, so now when I have a good start I can share my first results. Smile

Day 1: +$27,82 (140 games)
Day 2: +$68,26 (139 games)
Day 3: +$34,34 (170 games)
Day 4: +$43,25 (95 games)
Day 5: +$3,30 (47 games)
Day 6: +$50,28 (116 games)
Day 7: +$17,73 (60 games)
Day 8: -
Day 9: -
Day 10: -$4,48 (26 games)
Day 11: +$21,10 (97 games)
Day 12: -
Day 13: +$29,14 (103 games)
Day 14: -$1,26 (94 games)
Day 15: +$26,70 (191 games)
Day 16: +$57,82 (174 games)

Overall results: Profit: +$374,00 (day 16 goal: $320) / games played: 1452 (day 16 goal: 1600).

Honestly, I was running a little bit better that usual and that's the good news. Running good made me feel relaxed and that's the bad news. But I'm hope for the best and gonna try my best.

Thank you for reading! It's important to me.

Royalenis Rank 13
Rank 13

Good luck @yarik_gr ! I really like Your intro. But I have a question: USD 250 is the avarage salary in Belarus or it is the minimum one? 

Want2Believe Rank 16
Rank 16
FreedoM Rank 22
Rank 22

I'm sure you will crush it @yarik_gr. I miss playing with you and @EL_HEFAZO. Lately i've been setting money on fire in sports betting, but i hope to return on the felt for some action in 2019. Smile


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yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14

@Royalenis wrote:

Good luck @yarik_gr ! I really like Your intro. But I have a question: USD 250 is the avarage salary in Belarus or it is the minimum one? 

@Royalenis After a little thought I corrected it to $300. Average salary in Minsk (capital) is $450, I think. But in regions it's about $300. Most teachers / sellers salary is about $200, my girlfriend was an insuranse agent and her salary was $150. $450 is a really good salary in my city. Officials says that average is $500, but that number is a dream for most of people. 

yarik_gr Rank 14
Rank 14

@Want2Believe it's hard, but possible with a little bit of rungood. Smile

@FreedoM I hope so, but it's impossible to predict swings. It's a normal thing to lose 10 games in a row and I even had some 300+ games streaks without any profit. It's important to stay cold-blooded no matter what and it's the hardest thing in my challenge. Good luck to you and wish you a great comeback!

Rank 13
@yarik_gr, so glad you decided to make this challenge. I am sure you will complete it because you are a true and solid grinder. Wish you the best of lucks! We will be battling each other a lot at the tables, it will be fun!

Cheers and GL!
triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

Nice @yarik_gr Smile I 100% belive you will make it! Nice results and volume in the first couple weeks! Good luck!!HeartCash

Bing__ Rank 17
Rank 17

GL mate! Smile

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successlaw Rank 14
Rank 14

Heya @yarik_gr

How many tables you play same time ? 

Best of luck