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PfffPffPff Rank 2
Rank 2

@Ray-Unibet wrote:

@ExBingoPlayer, loosing is tough, I get that, but from there to claim that a site is rigged it's a long way. A site that is regulated by the government's laws in the country that it operates in, a site that is constantly monitored by impartial agencies insuring a correct payout wouldn't risk doing anything unethical like you claim. I know that this is not the answer you are looking for, but it is the pure truth. Nobody in the right mind would risk anything like that if the goal is a sustainable business model.





Just see last week or more winners in newbie room than come here and say its random... Player Quitrosul wins every day almost every round, 1-2 jackpots daily and in grand slam where is 200 people he also win every day on free rounds....

Jato New member
New member

Unibet a big company and you have to cheat on bingo... There is no other explanation same 3-4 winner every single day in newbie room... Tried to get at least one line paid more than 30e and lost it all but i dont care about that just with 20(Sometimes more) players in room only 3-4 players wins day after day its just funny.... 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jato @PfffPffPff  @JackSB @maariaNoWiFi @ExBingoPlayer First of all I want to say that I appreciate everyone of you talking about this problem and why you feel playing bingo on Unibet at the moment isn't on the top of your list!

Perception and reality isn't always the same, so while " there is no other explanation" seems true from one point of view, there are elements to it that cannot be seen from both sides. One of those elements is the number of tickets each player acquires for the different rounds. The more tickets you have for a round, the higher the chance that you'll win, and some players buy quite a lot of tickets. Now, I can't give specific numbers on certain players or games, but I can say that if the same player wins quite often, there's a good chance that that player had quite a few tickets - though sometimes players will also just get lucky and pick up multiple wins Smile

Another element that we've seen in the past is players creating a bingo alias very similar to another player that they've seen win many times - this will just add to the feeling that the same player is winning, especially if you think it's actually the same player using multiple accounts. It's probably not what's happened in your case @Jato  since your experience is from the newbie room, but it's something worth knowing I think.

That being said, our goal is to create the best bingo experience for all players and given with what you guys explain in this thread, it honestly doesn't sound like we are doing that at the moment. So upon having a short talk with someone from the Bingo team, we'll look into this, all of it, and see if there's something to be done from our side. I can't give specifics at the moment and this is going to come off as indecisive, but there are a few things we want to check up on to see if they're working as intended, as well as a few other things to see if we can create change!


Trixmix Rank 3
Rank 3

Correct i must say, Play a Lot of bingo in podium and All stars and Perhaps i win once a Day and have had a Day with 5 bingo wins but every Day the same people win 5-6 times and it's every Day so No way it's random and in free bingo it's the same .