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  1. Hey all, I am currently playing the troll hunters 2 tournament and scored 1500 points. But it doesnt show what position i am in? And i can not see all paid placed (2000), so i have no idea how close I am! It only shows top 500! Please help thanks
  2. There is one in Belgium right now! https://nl.unibet.be/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/esports-betting-championship#tab:tabview-7-1055197-tab-1
  3. Fairly nice results! Did you participate in the esports betting competition? :)
  4. Great bet right here man! Impressive odd! But probably pretty low stake, which wont help you in the 50K competition a lot :p
  5. Very good results lately!!! Keep up the grind and don't get tempted to play higher stakes this time!
  6. Always bet on Tsitsi, made so much profit on him last year!
  7. Nice! Good to see you back. Hope to see many daily graphs/stats!!
  8. Hello @RayL @JeppeL please give me results
  9. @RayL Can i get my 1 and 2 eur HUSNG results of 2019 please Thank you
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