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Found 10 results

  1. In Short, I want to Win as Many Trophies as I Can! #LetsPlay Goals: -> Go from €1 SNGs to €10 SNGs and Beyond! -> Go from €1 MTTs to €100 MTTs and Beyond! BRM: -> 50 Buy-ins for SNGs! -> 100 Buy-ins for MTTs! BRM_Expanded: -> SNGs: 20x SNGs a Session! / 4x Tables! €50 = 20x €1 €60 = 4x €2 + 16x €1 €70 = 8x €2 + 12x €1 €80 = 12x €2 + 8x €1 €90 = 16x €2 + 4x €1 €100 = 20x €2 €120 = 4x €4 + 16x €2 €140 = 8x €4 + 12x €2 €160 = 12x €4 + 8x €2 €180 = 16x €4 + 4x €2 €200 = 20x €4 €300 = 4x €10 + 16x €4 €350 = 8x €10 + 12x €4 €400 = 12x €10 + 8x €4 €450 = 16x €10 + 4x €4 €500 = 20x €10 €650 = 4x €25 + 16x €10 €800 = 8x €25 + 12x €10 €950 = 12x €25 + 8x €10 €1,100 = 16x €25 + 4x €10 €1,250 = 20x €25 -> MTTs: (€100) €1_MTTs and Under! (€75) €0.50_MTTs and Under! (€200) €2_MTTs and Under! (€150) €1_MTTs and Under! (€500) €5_MTTs and Under! (€375) €2_MTTs and Under! (€1,000) €10_MTTs and Under! (€750) €5_MTTs and Under! (€2,500) €25_MTTs and Under! (€1,875) €10_MTTs and Under! (€5,000) €50_MTTs and Under! (€3,750) €25_MTTs and Under! (€10,000) €100_MTTs and Under! (€7,500) €50_MTTs and Under! (€20,000) €200_MTTs and Under! (€15,000) €100_MTTs and Under! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- .:: Week_1 | Q2/Q3 | 26.04.2021 - 02.05.2021 ::. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -> Update Every Sunday! -> Start (26.04.2021) -> Next Update (02.05.2021) #WeeklyUpdate
  2. Hey UB community, As i find myself in love with the pokergame again, i started writing about my story (https://juliano4fun.wixsite.com/mylifeonthegrind) to keep track of my poker journey and now decided to share it here for the lulz. Too lazy to rewrite my reintroduction just copy pasting first entries from my blog until end of october :-) --- New year, new me.. hmm scrap that, but allow me to reintroduce myself, I am J*, 35 year old from Belgium currently living in Brussels. I had a blog many years ago ( back in '08) where I would write about my pokerlife when the poker BOOM was raging and I got bitten myself by the poker bug. I recently stumbled upon that blog ( in dutch) https://mylifeonthegrind.blogspot.com/ and it was a great read for me as I had forgotten many of the stories I shared back then. Also after years of absence from the poker field, I started playing in a very recreational way as I now work full time leading a training fund, am married and father to the sweetest imaginable 5 year old girl. The recreational grind started again somewhere around the beginning 2019 but with big lapses of time in which i wouldn't play at all. How did i got the poker stuff restarted u ask? Well i always have been a big computer game enthusiast and as such, have always kept an eye out on twitch for some poker streamers like Unibet ambassador David. Now poker-wise, I used to be a hardcore cash-game grinder back in the days when poker sites would just throw insane signup bonus/rakeback deals just to try to get your action but since I restarted playing a bit more, I haven't been able to enjoy the pure cashgame grind as I used to many years ago. Off course, the poker climate has changed drastically with the abundance of free or relatively cheap material to improve one's pokergame resulting on games where the vast majority understand at least the basics of poker, even at the lowest stakes. Still, even without having read any extensive theoretical material well over a decade, I have been beating the 10nl games on Unibet for a decent chunck of green but I find the 25nl stakes to be quite challenging as the stake regulars have a decent grasp of what it means to be (over) aggro in cashgame. As of now, I believe I am only a slight winner/ breakeven player on 25nl, but I lack a decent samplesize as I haven't been grindin much cashtables in the last couple of months. Back in the day, I would sometime play poker tournaments but I never really quite enjoyed them ( or shipped anything substantial lol) as I enjoyed the much faster paced cash game action up to 100nl online. Anyway, from watching twitch streamers/ poker end-bosses like Jaime Staples or Fintan Hand or Ian ;-), I slowly got the idea to maybe start some donkaments from time to time. Playing on Unibet, I was pretty amazed how low the level of play is in tournaments and as the fields are pretty small compared to the 1k plus fields of pokerstars, I even found myself shipping some donk.. euhm I mean tournaments for 50x buyin while still feeling like I knew very little about them except for having heard terms like ICM, knowing that aggression is key around the bubble or to abuse the shorties when u build a big stack lol. Some examples of (very) low stakes tournament results from 2019: Anyway, after asking a 2019 mtt graph from Unibet somewhere around february 2020 where i had 100% of my mtt action, i was surprised to see that I shipped around 800eur in 2019, which is amazing since I couldn't be bothered to play anything else that the 2€ multiverse tournament and the 2€ galaxy on rare occasions since it ends so late ( between 1 and 2 am). Playing ( and winning) these tournaments, I discovered that I much more enjoyed the thrill of shipping a tournament over 30,60 or 200 players, than winning yet another AA vs KK 4bet pot in cashgames. Also, I discovered that I tilt way more from losing that same AA vs KK in cashgame than losing a flip with AK vs TT for final table chiplead with 15 left.. Adding all these ingredients together, it was now clear that I would play way more tournaments in 2020 when I would have the time to do so. How did our hero fare into the messy world of MultiTableTournaments in 2020? stay tuned for next update and find out :-) J'out
  3. Do not know where to pitch this in to Unibet, so I am throwing it out here. I like the structure of the Gargle Blaster MTTs, and have played it alot. Also very covenient starting time for me. Do not know how popular this MTT is though. Would it be possible to have a 2,5 € buy-in tournament starting at the same time? The buyin would fit nicely between 0,25 and 25€. If there is an MTT with similar structure I am not aware of, please let me know.
  4. I've heard others have another Sunday Exclusive mission, but I have had nothing in my client for this week. I've been using browser version, but the program also does not show it. I can see the tournament on sunday, but didn't get any mission nor ticket. I should have got the ticket just from the Team Challenge sngs alone. @JeppeLIs this suppose to run every week?
  5. Neumanriel


    Hello. Can you tell me please which exactly tournaments are called "Main" and correspondingly which exactly tournaments has trophies? In IPO series.
  6. Hello dear pokerplayers, As many of the regular pokerplayers has noticed, there is lately an explosion of elron-aliases. A few examples: GeeeeElron, Elronaldo66, rebelron, SmellRONlater, Elronfudd, Imtherealelron, iamnotelron, TelronJilly... just to name a few. I think it would be fun to arrange a tournament dedicated to @elron66 with some special entry requirements all tied to our microstakes grinder? Let me know what everyone thinks.
  7. In this blog I will do a fun challenge to see if it is possible for me to get cheap to unibet open with grinding the satellites with €200. This grinding plan is separated in a few phases. The first phase is me grinding the low stakes uo tickets, with other words me spending the €200. When the 200 eu is fully spend I will start playing the higher tickets. each week i will upload a status. 1st phase: Grinding the low stakes Qualifiers until the €200 is gone What will I play? - Qualifier to unibet Open €1 Turbo - Qualifier to unibet open €2 Turbo - Qualifier to unibet open €10 *I will buyin in the €10 unibet open qualifier with the tickets from €1,€2 but also with the €200 if there are no tickets in my account at the moment. 2nd phase: This phase will start when I only have a stack of €10 Unibet open tickets in my account What is going to happen in this phase is straightforward. What will I play? - Qualifier to unibet open €50 3th phase: This phase will start when I only have a stack of €50 Unibet Open tickets. What will I play? - Qualifier to unibet open €250 6TIX 4th phase: This phase will start when I only have €250 Unibet Open tickets. What will I play? - 10.000 Unibet Open London Final satellite 5th phase: This is the dreaming phase. I win an unibet open package and can go to unibet open with the mindset to do my best but also have fun. Then I will put my result as phase 5 in these topic. Regards MPROX
  8. I used the search-function of this forum and found many separate threads about PLO-tournaments so I felt like opening a proper one. I'm probably one of the most active PLO tournament player on Unibet. When the new New MTT Schedule was published I was somewhat disappointed but still gave it a try for some while. Why I'm disappointed? Lets's see the old and new schedule for PLO. (I'm not looking all the lowest buy-in games, since 10e is the most common buy in atm). OLD DaysUTCBuy-inName of the tournamaent Guaranteed Chipstackminslevels late reg.seats per tableAll17:00€ 25€250 GTD Dig Deep Omaha € 250.0010,0005126All18:00€ 50€300 GTD Dig Deep Omaha € 300.0010,0005126All20:15€ 10€200 GTD Omaha Ante Crazy Bounty € 200.0010,0001186All21:15€ 4€100 GTD Omaha Ante Crazy Bounty € 100.0010,0001186All22:30€ 25€250 GTD Nightly Deepstack Turbo Omaha€ 250.0070003156 NEW DaysUTCBuy-inName of the tournamaent Guaranteed Chipstackminslevels late reg.seats per tableAll15:15€ 10€100 Omaha Fireball € 100.003,000486All16:00€ 2€100 Omaha Deep Space € 100.008,000676All17:15€ 10€150 Omaha Fireball € 150.0010,0004146All18:15€ 10€150 Omaha Singularity € 150.005,0008106All?19:45€ 10€400 Omaha Shooting Star Boynty€ 400.0050008109 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The new schedule made the prizepools smaller, buy-ins smaller and the obvius consequence from these fields bigger. I'm not saying that bigger fields is a negative thing but after you combine all these things winning a PLO tournament doesn't reward you with many buy-ins. Or doesn't reward you with a lot of money either. You can't win over 100e (!) in any of these exept the 400e boynty one, but it is 9-max and quite deeply structured so it differs a lot from a "standard" PLO 6-max tournament. Even with that you mostly have to win in order to cash over 100e. And yes, I have won this twice. I'm also seeing that the 400e boynty one doesn't run on Sundays? I really wonder why because it would make the most sense to run the biggest PLO tournament of the week on Sunday. My suggestions - Add one 25e/50e tournament from the old schedule to the new one. - Add special PLO-tournament on some day of the week. Like Monday Omaha or Sunday Omaha with bigger buy-in and bigger guarantee. - Modify one of the current tournaments buy-in and guarantee to a bigger one Fear the overlay? In my experience when we just got tournaments running there was hardly never overlay. /// Feel free to post your opinions too :Smile:
  9. Hey guys, anyone want to book a side bets on this UOS? We can bet on any leaderboard (overall, high, low, nano) or number of first places, maybe final tables. To make it clear and protect overself - we can discuss everytning in Skype conference and find a guarantor.
  10. Step1 for 1e with 9 people. Paid 4x step2 tickets (worth 2e) + 0,1 for 5th place (rake 0.1e) Step2 for 2e with 9 people. Paid 4x step3 tickets (worth 4e) + 0,92 for 5th place (rake 0.12e) Step3 for 4e with 9 people. Paid 4x step4 tickets (worth 8e) + 0,4 for 5th place (rake 0.40e) Step4 for 8e with 9 people. Paid 4x step5 tickets (worth 16e) + 0,8 for 5th place. (there are no 8e mtt on Unibet so i took rake 7.2 + 0.8 could be higher since no one care for this 0.8mincash ) And final step5 16e with 9 people. Minus rake its 129.6e up for grabs (again rake i take for this is doubled up so 9x 14.4=129.6). Paid 4 places with real money 32e and for 5th sore loser 1.6e. Blinds with 6min will be more than ok. 1e MTTs could start every 10-15-30min once the 9 people register it will start. 2e every 30-60min. 4e every 60-120, 8e once or twice a day. And 16e on weekends or once the day at the evening. Will this take money/people from UK/UO? I dont really think so. This would work as a added incentive to more grind not to replace some other MTTs. So, guys what do you think :)
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