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  1. Needed to update my software, to make it look like yours. Thankyou
  2. Good morning fellows I have a little problem, what is the mystery mission here?
  3. Why can't I entry to poker lobby, I have tournaments going on there... Have anyone faced problem like that?
  4. I think my money from the cash game tables have not returned to my account, after that break down. Anyone else have same kind of problems?
  5. @Patric-Unibet I have to say that Im not happy with 5e refund. I was in the heads up in 5e singularity when table got frozen.
  6. Okay, I guess there are bigger issues because all my tables we're closed and I got some payouts from those... I needed only two more SNGs to make all the UO spins :waterfall:
  7. Do anyone else have problems with registration to SNGs
  8. Hi, Can I have my results from SNGs? - One file, where is my results from all time (if possible) - And one file, where is my 1€ SNG results from 1.2.2019 - 28.2.2019 Thanks =)
  9. I feel you man. Once i registered late for a 25e MTT for a mistake. Practically i was blinded out. Filters are way to go, that way you minimalize chance of this happen again. Now just win it :cash::cash: It was pretty easy
  10. Biggest mistake I have ever made, I tried register to Ians freeroll and just with misclik I sit right now in UO 250e quolifier. So wish me luck..
  11. Just a quick question because I don't want to make own thread to ticket exchange and wait two days to get answer. Is that 5e spectrum ticket possible to exchange for other tickets? :)
  12. Good luck for the challenge! I enjoyed to read the previous challenge. Hope you can make trough this challenge as well =D
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