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About Me

  1. I played a few rounds of the game "Thunderstruck Stormchasers" by Stormcraft Studios. I got to the bonus game where you get three hammers (im not sure what its called) relatively quicky and the multipliers(im unsure what this one landed on), freespins(10x) and scatters(4x) all landed and did what it was supposed to. When the game started loading it got to about 80% and it kicked me off the game with the error message: (Attatchment 1) "Close Required - Your game session has been terminated so this page must be closed. Of you wish to continue plating this game, please re-open it from the lobby." I did as the game asked, i closed the browser and reopened it. the game then proceeded to give me the following error message : (attatchment 2) "Error - A general error has occurred. Please contact support." The bonus game seemed lost so i tried opening it several times. This didnt help as the same error message kept showing. I then figured i could try to open it on my phone. Here i got into the game, and i set my settings like autoplay and bet-size, in hopes that it would reopen the bonus game but it didnt. It gave me a new error: (Attachment 3 - in norwegian) "Feil 15206 - Det har oppstått en generell feil." (directly translates to : Error 15206 - a general error has occured) But the autoplay function kept rolling in the background and the errormessage wasnt possible to remove so the remaining money on my account was lost. (not a lot of money but still.) The games ID in Unibet's history function is attached as attachment 4. Since the game kept rolling i am unsure exactly which one of these was the one that triggered the bonusgame.These was the last three before the first errormessage (according to the timestamps). I would like this resolved...
  2. for 3 years now when I login to unibet and go to sports this appears,,,,,,,,,,A technical error has occurred. Please try again later. for how long can a technical error last how many times a week can it happen what are the odds just as well there are other on line bookmakers
  3. I tried rebooting the router, unplugging/replugging cables, restart, nothing works. What do I do? Thx.
  4. Sometimes you might need to either send us an email or get in touch with a live chat / livechat customer support agent, it's possible to do so within the Help Center, just follow the steps in the video or as described below: Go to the Help Center of your local Unibet site by clikcing Get Help. Either use the Search bar or select the category that fits what you'd like to ask about. Select your sub category. After selecting one of the sub categories you will be presented with a group of questions, select and click the one that fits your query the most. Within each question you'll find information, which hopefully should be what you're looking for, but if you need more help then click the Contact Us button. Select Live Chat or Email, whichever you prefer. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about getting in touch with a Live Chat agent by replying to the thread here :) /Unibet Advent Day 15 - Gift 5.
  5. After I read the thread about Jurojin and was unable to fix my tiling problems even with it's options, there is one thing left to ask for advice from the fellow members. My tiling issue was the first thing I noticed after the big title bars when Windows 10 was installed. I fixed the size of most elements with Winaero Tweaker. However there are gaps between the tables when tiled: On Windows 7 the tiling was perfect. At first I thought that this is because of my rather bad for poker (in term of inches - 22' ) monitor, despite the perfect tiling on Windows 7. Then I found a great deal for this one and saved €100-€150 . First by buying it from the retailer with lowest prize, and second using the great 25% discount just for non-intact cardboard box. On top of it all according to almost all reviews I found it's the best curved gaming monitor and at very affordable prize https://www.dell.com/en-bg/work/shop/dell-monitors/dell-32-curved-gaming-monitor-s3220dgf/spd/dell-s3220dgf-monitor#features_section I tried all possible configurations and even borrowed a modern high-end laptop to test at maximum resolution, but the only change was that everything was appearing too tiny to be convenient for use. I guess the resolutions above the recommended for my GPUs 1920x1200 are just for gaming and watching high resolution videos. The one I find most suitable for multitabling(less blank space) and for watching Youtube videos is 1920x1080. For other tasks I use the recommended one. So far, even after trying Jurojin with no success my only non perfect solution is the following one: I have to resize and make larger one table by few pixels, then to use the current size option and to save the position. This need to be done whenever the setup is changed or at the session start every time. Sometimes when playing 3 tables the replayer shows up at the center instead of it's it's remembered position. It looks a bit better this way, but the gaps aren't gone completely, but at least aren't between the tables and around them. When using solid colour for background it looks better: Any advice on what might be the solution will be very helpful and appreciated. If some of you experience the same or related problem, please respond. This way we could make the developers aware and the tables' dipslay ratio (which is the cause of this issue) might get changed or easy to customize in the next release. If you reply, please share the monitor and display adapter tech specs and the resolution you use, so we could compare them.
  6. My phone is honor 7 lite with android 6.0 and all updates loaded. Downloading casino app is ok but when i try to open it, it says: failed to open file or something like that because my phone is in finnish :) It says that the file is 8 mb where i download it in but in my downloaded files it says 6.83 mb so i dont know if that has something to do with it?
  7. Can You change my language?? I need polish language
  8. Hey, my unibet account is in Finnish, can I change the language to English?
  9. Hi i want to change my language on unibet from norwegian to english as it will be easier for me to understand. But i cant find anywhere to do it, can someone help? Where do i press? Is it even an option? Thanks
  10. Idk if this has been mentioned before but you have banner in poker that takes you to casinohuone. Send them bill for royalties
  11. What about my request a week ago? https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Refund-request/m-p/146009#M1553
  12. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a short story about the troubles of translators and the rules of rugby. Last friday I have tried to figure out the meaning of this bet type: I looked like Winne the Pooh and checked another game if I could find the solution of this mystery. I found this one: Ooops, it seems this bet has 2 different translations, so I have contacted with my local live chat agent and asked for some help. Agent A. was extremely busy and after I was waiting a while she told me that the sportsbook guy can help me at the moment but she will email me with the answer. I was wondered that no one from the sport department can interprete a bet type but I thought it's Easter so they are on holiday. I asked the Live Chat Agent today again because I didn't get any response from her. The long and unnecessary procedure started again. She didn't remembered her promise so I should gave the infos again. She asked the people around her but again nobody couldn't help. I tried to ask her about the original, english sentence but she was powerless again. So after one hour useless chatting (last friday and today) I wasn't closer to the solution. But I didn't want to give up and searched for a live rugby game and checked the original, english betting offers: Mystery solved. Conclusion: figure out in which things livechat can help you and in other things try to find the solution yourself.
  13. I can not start the game "Reactoonz" or "Reactoonz 2". Not in Edge and not in Chrome. It just stays on the screen with the spinning wheel and the (small) text "Powered by PlayNGo". Is there a way to play this game on unibet?
  14. Here are some ideas which the organisers of the tennis streakers may consider: It would be awesome letting the players know somehow if you delete the actual round. An appear of a little warning message instead of your selection would be helpful. So players- like me- wouldn't dispair what happened with their selections.Please check the weather forecasts (it says 80% chance of rain in Monte-Carlo for today) and if the tourney has already postponed games then do not offer games to select what are last in the order of play (like Sonego-Fucsovics) and there is a hugh chance those games will be postponed to Wednesday, so your game will start with 2 bye rounds.I'm tagging you @ReCorpH , because currently you are the only one who is responsible for things outside of poker.
  15. Windows 10 Bottom right player is missing their bounty. Didn't happen on the other table I had open that was also a bounty MTT. Player that replaced that playing later in the tourney had their bounty so it's going to be even harder to find :)
  16. 3 views, you choose which you like the best: 1) the "normal" view, similar to what we have now 2) "Grid view", 2 categories side to side with nice little pictures, pleasing to look at. 3) "Superuser" mode, you choose the categories you wish to see topics from the right side and only see those. Great view to use if you wish to filter out some sections of the Community.
  17. @ReCorpH asked feedback somewhere, don't remember where, so i'll suggest this here: How about if we could watch unibet twitch streams in new community? I think it would be cool feature for example future community league (if someone streams) and ofc for other unibet steamers as well. I know it is possible cause they do it in other sites (comeon wespin for example), don't have any idea if it costs something or what are terms to be able to do it or even technically possible but anyways it would be easier to watch here and it would bring streams and option to chat to those who don't want use twitch.
  18. Why I don't have the Cash out option on the following bet? Thanks
  19. Hello, First of all, I was disconnecting from poker client while playing poker many times, when came back short in blinds. I got 2 Internet. All Internet options was working properly dual disconnections (Youtube, Spotify etc). I asked refund with screen shots, tourney ID and etc. 200euros or so. Moderators asked log file and etc. I sent it all. Moderators make my case urgent. 2 Days no response -still must wait. In case I can't play 4 days, because of software problems, lost money dual disconnection when my Internet was okay. Secondly, I started can't login to poker client properly. Attaching files below. Just hoping to play soon, because losing time and money. But as seems so just need to wait new releases of Unibet software to play normal. Other sites running good, no disconnections and etc.
  20. Hi, A previous topic about that has already been done but a year ago. I bet on Unibet Belgium and I'm still wondering why we haven't yet the option of double chance goal scorers to bet. It is available in different countries such as France but not in Belgium. Could we ask for a odds request? Or kind of copy the same odds from Unibet FR to Unibet BE. Quit sure I'm not the first one to ask that. In hope of a solution. Thanks
  21. 9 days ago, I made a withdrawal of NOK 33,000 to your payment processor Revolut. Effectuating the transaction by UNIBET, both money and my revolut account were flagged as potentially suspicious by revolut's anti-money laundering system having my account immediately frozen. I have never seen nor received these money. Have been asking for assistance in the chat at unibet.no but nobody seems to take my issue seriously. Now my patience and confidence for Unibet is starting to blur. Having my revolut account in restricted mode, I can very little do, and since UNIBET are responsible for effectuating the transaction done in crypto leading to my account become flagged / frozen, no one expect from UNIBET themselves are able to verify the "source of funds" required by Revolut . I did send Revolut everything I have of sensitive personal documents as required, this includes payroll reports, driver's licenses, passport, proof of bank, proof of address – meaning everything to prove my honest intentions. Revolut are still asking for more documents from me, and they will not give me access to either account or money sent by UNIBET. I've never seen the money due to lockout from account. They have been sent to Revolut, but are subject to manual reviewing which as promised would take the maximum of 48 hours in total, due to revolut customer service. As time being, today 9 days later, I am still waiting for my money. I am starting to become very annoyed and exhausted. Please have in mind that my Revolut account is frozen, but not closed, as being mentioned by Anders from Unibet, and the money will not be re-transferred to UNIBET until a dialogue between Revolut and UNIBET takes place. Having several dialogues with unibet, gives me little hope and understanding of this difficult situation i`m facing right now. It is rather pointless to explain the hole case over and over again. I refer to UNIBET's terms and conditions section 6.4 saying: «Unibet reserves the right to always be able to resolve any dispute, at its own discretion, in accordance to fair treatment. Therefore, I expect that UNIBET, as a serious casino, adapted to the Norwegian model, gets in contact with their own payment agent Revolut as soon as possible solving this case which I am the victim of. At the same time I would appreciate Unibet to credit my player account those money not received and which I have legally won with your casino. Doing so, I can transfer the money to my bank account instead og being a victim of this chaos. I would also like to remind of being a great fan of KINDREDS casinos and I have spent a huge load of money from the first day as a member. I feel safe with Unibet because I trust you as a polite casino since I easy can relate your policy to the gambling standards home in Norway, I won`t change to another casino due to this matter. I have realized that this case arose primarily because my money was sent from Unibet in a crypto currency resulting the transaction being flagged as a potentially illegal transaction by revolut`s anti-money laundering system .Again this This is amplifying that no one else but Unibet can get this issued solved. Without your intervention, I will not be able to open the Revolut account or access the money you transferred earlier. Do you understand? It is quite a significant amount as well, 33,000 NOK in total. I am looking forward to hear from you having this issue sorted out so we can close this case that has almost taken all my time and energy. For your information hundreds of similar cases are to be found on the internet, through posts written recently, where revolt users have had their accounts and savings frozen without an explaination or information. Revolut`s customer service is only available in the app which for many has been temporarely frozen – an almost redicilous situation. I made an attempt to contact revolut on social media, leading to me being blocked from Revolut letting me as for assistance. Awaiting a fast solution from you, I wish you a pleasant day ahead. With best regards Kolbjørn Dahl Jacobsen
  22. hi guys! came to share my opinion about this topic! imo in this day and age it is necessary to have a secure account on any given website not even speaking about those where people keep money!! so please find a way to introduce some 2FA method on unibet. it can be via sms/token/google authenticator i do not mind which one just want to feel safe about my money on your site!!! thanks forward!
  23. @Andy-Unibet. Thanks for looking for it.
  24. Seems another bug due to migration issues again maybe? As we had most of the topics locked last week this seems like another bug where when you add a picture to your post it doesn't add any comments yet you can see them on the edit page. Added Cat with a mouth mask! as a comment on this picture.
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