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Fantasy Football - now open for Norwegians!


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After testing our new Fantasy Sports product on the Swedish market for a while as well as here on the Community, it's now ready to be played in Norway as well!

So far this week we've had Champions League tournaments and the weekend is bringing the Premier League and Allsvenskan, along with the Norwegian Eliteserien on Monday!

To find the Fantasy Sports section, go to your local Unibet site - Unibet.se or no.unibet.com and enter the Odds section.


When the games are available for the weekend, they'll be added and you can join the ones you wish - good luck selecting your players!

On the Community you can also talk with others about the tournaments as well as share your thoughts about the Fantasy product, you'll find the board here(Only visible for Norwegians and Swedes):



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@psrquack wrote:

@JeppeL wrote:

I wish I could take part but as an employee it's a no go! :)

There is always a notice to quit button.😛



Welcome Norge!

Let the nordic battle start!⚽

@marcusgais My mind was wondering yesterday about a promotion centred around this concept, but we need to see some active Norwegians on the fantasy board before we can do anything with it :)

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Sounds great @JeppeL

you should organize a PR on the front side with swedish and norwegian flags, nordic battle or Skandinavian battle theme. Fantasy sports, freeroll, swedish league, norway league to promote this! And maybe som extra points here between swedish playere and norwgian players, like a international. Sweden-against Norway

Maybe that would make IT More intersting!

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Why is the fantasy forum locked so I can't write any fantasy tips @testuser1? I want to talk fantasy football with my fellow Unibetters :)

I loooove the fantasy football section Unibet have now, but I really think you should have more options there than only 1 game at a time.

If it's 1 game, everyone have the same team. But the triple or quadruple rounds make it much more interesting as people will choose different players from different teams. Just my two cents.

As I said, I love playing fantasy football but as it is now I only play when you have to choose from 2 or more games. I think it's boring when everyone has the same team and everyone has to share the prize pool. 

Keep up the good work!! 

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