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hi guys, 

I am fairly new to Unibet, been playing poker for a couple months here. mainly grinding cash at 10Nl right now, but also do play some tournaments. I like the idea of unlocking some special/limited avatars, does anyone know any good ways to unlock said avatars in the areas on the game I play, or any other areas? 

thanks a lot 🙂 

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Right now, there're limited avatars available. If you win a UOS event, you'll get one, and then there're avatars tied to the Daily Specials as well.

In February/March, we'll have a big anniversary celebration with almost 20 new avatars to unlock! Below a few of them









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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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@hustler122 This is from what I know and it is possible to get at this moment:

Victory in one of the UOS tournaments:


Victory in one of the Major tournaments:


Get on the x125 Hexapro Extreme table:


Flash Royale:


ITM in three consecutive MTTs:


Win 10 MTT tournaments:


I don't have these avatars, but you can get them:

1 million hands:


2 out of 3 and 3 out of 3 tournaments won per day as part of the "Wild Wednesday" promo:


Monday Short Stack Master promo won:


Thursday Deep Stack Legend promo won:


Win the Supernova tournament:



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 ❄️🌲🎁Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎁🌲❄️

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7 hours ago, pyoreapilkku said:

I got this avatar when got biggest pot on bb`s. I think not sure but might got some avatars when u react played hands like 1 million, maybe earlier..

Have you won one of the few Slobberknocker MTT's so far?
Think that's how you're supposed to get one of those droolers :classic_cool:
WD, if so!

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4 hours ago, hustler122 said:

do the UOS side events also count? because i only play micro stakes tournaments. for example the one this evening named: 400 euro shortstack title fight 

I don't know if they will give an avatar for a side event (I suspect not), but there are enough micro tournaments in UOS. For example, tomorrow's title tournaments #18 and #20 are €2 tournaments, so they are open to almost everyone.

 ❄️🌲🎁Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎁🌲❄️

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