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  1. Perfect thanks! And if I don’t think I can rake those bigger ones I can just cancel them and use my points right? haven’t played in a while, thanks for the help!
  2. Yep it’s active right now! But lost the other one
  3. For me right now it shows I have a new play through bonus active, rake 500 win 150. But I just played some 25Nl and there was a lot of all in spots but it shows that 0.0% is complete, so that could make sense ill try signing in and out thanks @Stubbe-Unibet
  4. I recently bought 2 5 euro play through bonuses with my star points. I received one and completed it but the other one is not there. wondering if you could help me @Stubbe-Unibet
  5. hi guys, i recently won a 10 euro MTT ticket, but it expires in 5 days and it won't be possible for me to use it as im going abroad tmrw. is there anything you could do about this @Stubbe-Unibet? If not no worries! thanks
  6. @GR1ZZL3R thanks a lot for such an in depth overview of how it works! I am actually abroad on the date of the phase two and it would be the middle of the night over there, so seems pointless to play any of the phases one's if I can't do phase two. best of luck with your three bullets mate!
  7. hi guys, I want to enter the upcoming 10th anniv phase tournament, but not sure exactly how it works. If you want to play this event do you need to be prepared to play every day? If not how exactly does it work? thanks!
  8. @Stubbe-Unibet thanks! I don't play that as it's not too profitable I don't think, but guess I'm gonna have to whale out to get it, as @P0kerM0nk said!! they all look really cool, so I will chase as many as I can, without destroying my profits hopefully
  9. this looks like a really good event. I hope that whale avatar isn't too hard to get!
  10. @Stubbe-Unibet is there anything for third in these UOS tournaments, other than an awesome payout managed to bink 3rd in the UOS 19 5 euro buy in. super fun tournament and loved the table design on the ft!
  11. @SShcherbyna ok thanks a lot for the info man, playing them tn! your also on my table in elly's stratosphere tournmanet hahha, gl!
  12. @SShcherbyna do the UOS side events also count? because i only play micro stakes tournaments. for example the one this evening named: 400 euro shortstack title fight thanks
  13. @SShcherbyna@Stubbe-Unibet@pyoreapilkku thanks a lot for all the information guys, ill try and chase a few of these down! it seems they are mainly tournament related. the 20th anniversary sounds really cool tho!
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