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  1. @Stubbe-Unibet 2x50€ for me also, ty! Gz @ibrul
  2. @GR1ZZL3R Hi! I have thinking to read Daras book, and maybe do different. Couple hand earlier someone shoved and same man snap called with AQo, thats was very big mistake for him in my mind. So I think that didnt do difference to me to 2x raise or shove. But finaly I got that ticket on sunday! almost 2x ticket but another I bubbled.
  3. Just qualy on this today. saw this post just now, but maybe first bust :D
  4. Can somebody tell did I do somthinkg wronk. Should I fold hand next time on same scenario. This was totally a qualifer what I dont never wanna bubble. ps. Might be a free money on cash games..
  5. amboliifibull and this tournament is still going but not going
  6. Well played and nice try! I was same table and gifted u some ships
  7. And also in phone app has this kind of issue. When u open tournament and change ur phone horizontal, chip and other this dont switch. Need to reopen app to get it working. Its not big problem, need to wait couple of mimutes before switch and not have this broblem.
  8. i In this tournament when I have over starting stack I got susseec somehow to add 1000 chips 2 times.. Bug or sould it be like that?
  9. thanks! was sic to play 2 day tournament without sleep between day 1 and 2
  10. lets go fist uos win in this period! And also biggest tournament moneys!
  11. This 2 day tournament is going pretty good
  12. Im sorry cant post on replayer, because game crashed right after hand ( have crashed couple of times today). Maybe old drivers need to check tomorrow.
  13. And lets make set of 8 strongest losing hand
  14. Im also sorry to KO u in another turnament and take ur change for winning bouth AT vs KK...
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