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Best football player of all time?


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 No ways, he was too much of a show off... and the hand goal, acceptable.

Pele was & is the best soccer player in the history of the world !

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Pretty hard question. You cant compare Maradona w Messi, impossible. Different times, different world, everything is different. So better to answer: the best in the 50`s, 60`s, so on..

But in my opinion today`s players are better (or more), they are not just playing football, they have to pay attention on PR, they have to be strong in body and mind as well, a perfect athlete. Puskas was the best about sixty years ago, but he was eating Goulash and all the fatty things (sausage, bacon ..) with wine all the time. Can you imagine the same about CR or Messi? Now everybody is good tactiacally and also know how to defend. When i watch a video from the 60`s, i laugh, no way man, thats a defender or a clown? :D 

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Luis Suarez. And if you don't agree, he will find you & pull a Mike Tyson and bite off your ear 🤣

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I would perhaps not be objective but there are so many underrated players . So i will say " Thierry Henry " He carried Arsenal on top , unfortunately he played at the same time as an other monster : Ronaldo

But what Messi made ​​at the individual level , no other player could do it .

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