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Legacy is DEAD

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I honestly don’t know how this slot is even on this site. The bonus feature never appears and pays out 0 after thousands of spins. Every day every time u go into same old crap no matter the bet size. Don’t waste your time….  It’s by far the worst slot going and that’s saying something !!! 

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Don't hold back now 😄
What game/slot is that? 😃
Legacy of Dead? meh.. it's pretty much the same as Book of Dead.
Big swings ahead, ohoy

Edit. The bet sizes shouldn't matter, not on that game i guess 🤔

Change the game if you don't like something in it, revenge leads to nowhere.

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It’s disgusting. It should come with a mask it’s a robbing b..strd .. gluten for punishment I guess, that’s what £400 today on that slot 50P stake 200 to bonus and not even 10x then another 150 and £8 lol I mean what’s the point, it does nothing the bonuses pay nothing every single time and they take about a year to bonus no matter when u go in no matter the stake always 400 spins plus. But yeah won’t be playing that one ever again it’s not worth it. Let’s hope nobody else bothers to play that crap game lol

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I've deleted/merged a few topics now as they are all the same. 

I'd also like to point out this site: https://www.unibet.com/general-info/whentostop

Especially the first part, "How do I keep it fun?". If you got any questions regarding the tools we offer etc, please ask away, more than happy to help.

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