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Unibet Open Package Freeroll Ticket - No Tournament Available


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I have a Unitbet Open Package Freeroll ticket that expires Aug 23 that never has any tournaments available to use it on? I've check it frequently for the last couple months but there is no tournament I can use this for. Please advise.



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18 minutes ago, spade447 said:

Hi! I probably have the same question with the same answer so I won't open up a new thread. I got the "UO ticket freeroll" ticket as a part of the rakeback from Q3 of 2021. It's sitting there in my client with no tournaments available. Did it already happen and I missed it? @Andy-Unibet 

Yes, the ones for Q3 were already played. They're played right at the beginning of the following quarter.

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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