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Twitch giveaway ticket


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@Stubbe-UnibetFirst of all, thanks from the latest. The bet was voided in the end and got my money back. Still don't know what happened, but it doesn't matter that much.


My new question is about the ticket I won from Ians stream on monday. I just checked and tonight is a satellite for the 25€ homegame on monday but still haven't received the ticket. Can I expect to get mine before the satellite starts?

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3 minutes ago, FeelsBadMan said:

Can confirm that he did win a 25€ ticket with the alias Pionrj ... Iany was just a bit distracted at the moment by chat and it slipped his mind to collect the alias 😄

Unfortunately this is simply not good enough and Ian's contract has been terminated with immediate effect. (Not really)

@Pionrj, ticket credited now.

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