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New Boba Bounty PKO - Guaranteed GTD increases!


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As you might already have read, the Boba Bounty tournaments have now been changed from regular bounty format to progressive bounty format (you win 50% of the bounty and 50% goes on your own head).

The GTD of the daily tournament is currently at €750, but we want more! For every time the GTD is reached, we will increase it with €250 the following day. We will do this for the rest of the month, so we're potentially looking at a guaranteed prizepool of more than €4,000, when the month is over. Ball is in your court! :)

To infinity! And beyond!

NB If we have 2 consecutive days with overlay, the GTD will decrease by €250.

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I got 4th :happy:.It seems like a pretty good game , the GTD is a big issue , its understandable to not make it like 3 k right away tho , the promo seems fair enough.  I agree with psycho , 2 more levels of latereg would be nice , it could help get that GTD a bit bigger . Different payout structure would make the top prizes more appealing, 3.5x the buy in for the win is not that great, you win bounties aswell but still 😛 . Some sats would be nice , so it doesn t take tickets from the Neptune or Comet . It has a lot of potential i believe. 😃 @Leo-Unibet 

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