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  1. Additionally, most people play more than one table at a time and late registration of €25 The Earth would end around 20:30 CET and €25 Neptune would have 30 minutes late registration left. To be honest, I don't get it... Being sarcastic, in your opinion Balalakaw has no influence on Dark Matter and there is no cannibalism? You can say: of course, these tourneys are different. But then you say about cannibalism between €25 The Earth PKO and €25RA Neptune and between €10 The Venus PKO and €10 RA Sputnik/Omaha, which are also, wait for it, DIFFERENT! Not only the format of the tournament is different, but also the AVERAGE buy-ins. This is why I don't get it, because it is illogical and shows inconsistency... but.... I'm not suprised about your decision... To be honest, the rejection was what I expected more, but in my opinion better argumet is: No, because no. Last thing... Why not start a thread before adding ANY tournament asking players what new tournament they would like to see in schedule and at what time, and then vote 2-3 suggestions instead of adding stuff like Balalakaw that you don't know how it will take on. People usually say what they want and all you need to do is listen. Simplicity is the best and always wins at the end.
  2. Hey @Leo-Unibet Yes, but you are comparing few different tournaments/things/buy-ins: €10 Sputnik is >€20 ABI (only few players play it as freezeout) and "normal" tourney €10 Omaha is, what can I say, OMAHA €25 Neptune is >€50 ABI (only few players play it as freezeout) and "normal" tourney Could you add these tourneys without guarateeds then?
  3. Hey @Leo-Unibet I would love to see something like this: 19:15 CET €25 The Earth PKO €500GTD single re-entry (PKO buyin/bounty 50/50, progressive 50% - classic PKO) with 10 minutes blind levels, 3.000 starting stack and 7 levels of late registration 20:15 CET €10 The Venus PKO €300GTD freezeout (PKO buyin/bounty 50/50, progressive 50% - classic PKO) with 6 minutes blind levels, 6.000 starting stack and 10 levels of late registration One word about new tournament €10 Mercury Blue starting at 17:00CET - I believe this tournament should start at 18:05CET and have 7 levels of late registration (with this structure, so it is 4x10mins + 3x7mins+6mins break = 67mins of late reg) Best regards, mamrot
  4. Guys, I don't propose late registration to the level of 8bb as it happens on GG or 3-5bb as he can be on Tiger. I suggest extending LR in tournaments where there is a place for this and late registration ends at 35-50bb, not 15-20bb ... we need unibet poker to grow, and for this to happen, you can't just think about your own wallet
  5. Hey @Leo-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet I think that it is necessary to extend the registration in many tournaments... There are tournaments that have late reg and reentry/rebuy up to 8-13bb: -Ice Giant Bounty -Spectrum -Nebula -Exoplanet -Odyssey -Titan -Deep Space €5 and €25 -Dark Matter (freezeout with 12bb after lr closes is a very good example what is needed !!!) -Black Hole -Sputnik €5/€10/€50 -Gargle Blaster -Atom -Dwarf Star Bounty (16bb after lr closes, another good example about what is needed) -Shooting star Bounty -Milky Way (another great example - 12bb after lr closes) Tournaments that, in my opinion, require an extension of late registration: -€10 Mercury Blue - 8 levels late reg and reentry (15bb after lr closes) -€5 Galaxy - one more level of lr and rebuy (15bb after lr closes) -Comet - 12 levels lr (16bb after lr closes) -Abyss - 12 levels lr (16bb after lr closes) -Mercury Blue Bounty - 7 levels lr (20bb after lr closes) -Good luck, Mr Gorsky - 10 levels lr (16bb after lr closes) -Asteroid - 11 levels lr (15bb after lr closes) -Big Bang - at least 12 levels lr (which means 20bb after lr closes) -Big Bang PKO - 9 levels lr (20bb after lr closes) -Supernova / Supernova Lightning - one more level of lr -Boba Bounty PKO - 9 levels lr (20bb after lr closes) I am counting on positive consideration and extension of late registrations. This will increase gtds for players and profits for Unibet. Best regards, Robert
  6. I would modify what @Psycho79 is suggesting by adding €2->10 Big Bang flip 10 minutes before €10 satellite and €2->€10 HyperQualifier 30 minutes before €10 satellite. The daily schedule (except Tuesdays, Thursdays) would look like this: 17:30 €2 HyperQualifier to €10 Big Bang 17:50 €2 Flip to €10 Big Bang 18:00 €10 HyperQualifier to €50 Big Bang 18:30 €2 HyperQualifier to €10 Big Bang 18:50 €2 Flip to €10 Big Bang 19:00 €10 HyperQualifier to €50 Big Bang 19:30 €2 HyperQualifier to €10 Big Bang 19:50 €2 Flip to €10 Big Bang 20:00 €10 HyperQualifier to €50 Big Bang 21:00 €50 HyperQualifier to €200 Big Bang 21:30 €2 HyperQualifier to €10 Big Bang 21:50 €2 Flip to €10 Big Bang 22:00 €10 HyperQualifier to €50 Big Bang This should help to start a lot of satellites. Nothing to loose, @Leo-Unibet.
  7. Hey @Leo-Unibet Please give these satellites 14 more days from now and then check how many €200 tickets have been generated. If you decide later to leave this try I suggest to replace 10ra satellite into €25 Freezeout WTA (today, even though Big Bang did not start we had 9 buyins in €25 freezeout WTA satty).
  8. @Leo-Unibet@Stubbe-Unibet Are there any possibilities to introduce tournaments on demand? Let's say €5/€10 Freezeouts, €5/€10 PKO Freezeouts, €5/€10 1R and maybe later even €25 buyin with 5-8min blind levels. This should also fill the morning/afternoon gap.
  9. 23:30 flip €10->€50 supermoon flip started with 11 players... 2 players wanted to exploit the others and registred by purpose 1sec before the flip start (I was watching and there were two magic registrations 1sec before the flip started)... One of those players is of course 3rd finishing player... Hello -Zoral-, nice to meet you! Nice play! Should we all register to the >€10 flips, if there is enough players to start the flip, 1sec before to kill dodgers??
  10. Hey @Leo-Unibet I have a small request to add tomorrow a HyperQualifier to a €200 Big Bang with a €50 buy-in (as daily at 21 CEST) at 18 CEST, because several people have €50 Big Bang tickets from the last few days, including me.
  11. I was one of those nine players on the first table. I am incredibly disappointed with this situation, especially since Psycho79 has reported it before. I can say f**k it when it comes to € 2->€10 Supernova, but I won't be quiet when it comes for >€200... anyone who is aware of it can wait until the last second to register for the flip and will be alone on the other table once in a while making an auto profit, because there are two places paid and he will win the table without flipping. Is it really a problem to end registration a minute before the flip starts? TBH I can't imagine not getting at least compensation for lost EV due to this bug.
  12. as you can see yesterday's €10 flip was a success, today it will be too, because at 13:30 CEST we have 8 people registered... I think there is nothing to think about, @Leo-Unibet
  13. Thank you @Leo-Unibet. I appreciate it. Maybe we could go a step further and add €10 flip before Wednesday and Sunday finals, also starting with 5 players, at 20:50 CEST... like with daily flip - nothing to loose, some to gain... Could you also add these two flips?
  14. I don't understand it either. I believe that they thought it will cause better traffic for these flips, but I think it's a bad idea. I think 4cc buyin is fine, but you should be able to register 24h earlier. I would love to see one daily flip €10 to €50 starting with min 4players, of course after daily regular satty is finished or at least late reg is closed, so let's say at 22:50CEST. What do you think @Leo-Unibet? Give it a try, please
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