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  1. NAME: VenusFORMAT: texasHANDED: 9START STACK: 5000/100bbsLEVEL UP TIME: 6min or progressive/speeding upTOP UP FORMAT: freezeoutLATE REGISTRATION: 60min Word on Bulalakaw: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/forums/topic/27926-new-test-tournament-protostar-bounty-we-want-your-feedback/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-304857
  2. @Leo-Unibet The idea of having an unconventional tournament starting at 20bbs is great in my opinion. It's just the extended reentry period stood in contradiction to the idea. I understand it meant to be a way to cover the gtd, but people didn't expect its average buy-in to be clearly higher than 10€, and felt confused about it. I assume the Bulalakaw will have to leave place to the new tournament next week, but I suggest leaving it for a while in the schedule with some changes. 10PM CET, freezout, 15-20min first 20bbs level, than pacing up, 4-6min levels. Very small gtd, 50-100€, or no gtd whatsoever. This way everything stays clear, people keep asking for freezouts for a reason in the community. In my opinion would be a good one to fill out a session, or just have fun jumping into a quick ride for 10€ only and no more. You could also give it a try this way at the current time till the new tourney will appear. Best regards!
  3. fair enough @Leo-Unibet thanks for giving it a chance in any case the sats didn't go well enough as I expected, but certainly enough people have won a 50€tix, so no idea why they didn't use those. I assume you allow using those tix for additional sats on the Bang days, right? I still think these sats weren't a bad idea and maybe worth giving another shot after the summer when the traffic is a bit higher again. Best Regards!
  4. @Leo-Unibet Only one of them started tonight but went unexpectedly well. 11runners made it for 2x50€tix. It seems when started people are joining even till the last second, but usually it is one player away from running. Maybe a cosmetic change shifting it to 15min past an hour would make sure that one player returned from his break already Also would be nice having the remaining payouts in 10€ BBtix if occured.
  5. @Leo-Unibet I know the summer is coming, restrictions being taken off etc...probably not the best time for putting out big gtds, but still plenty of room for at least something. On demand format would be perfect for that time once again, but I understand, technological limitation. Why not give it a try for the format similar to 18mans present in the mtt lobby a couple years back. This time 36players CAP, 6 to start, scheduled every 30min on 3BI levels 2€, 5€, 10€, over 18:00-00:00CET, mixed between 6-9handed, standard-pkos etc...simple turbos people would love and be able filling their session with. Another thing is, the new tourneys don't have to be necessarily daily ones, you can arrange more once a week majors, for instance Mon 10€ Venus , Wed 5€ Saturn or Fri 25€ Earth....
  6. @Leo-Unibet @GR1ZZL3Ris right. I've just filtered 2-10€ holdem freezouts and there's not much of it in the primetime. If you take out the 2's, Dark Matter stays alone 17:00-00:00CET, that's a 7hour gap and speaks for itself
  7. @Leo-Unibet Hardly no one will use their 10€ generic tix for these sats, but the thing is rather to make them noticed in the lobby over forcing anyone to playing them with the specific tix. All we ask is 2week trial period and I think the idea is worth reconsidering.
  8. @Leo-Unibet I honestly thought/expected the 10€ hyper sats would run more than they do. No idea what's behind that, maybe people haven't had enough time to notice them, filtering them out etc. Maybe the traffic is too low at the moment, I don't really know. I've been trying to start them whenever I could, and I annoyed my friends asking for that too Even Unibet celebrities like @IanSimpsonor maestro1908 got to play at least one If it's possible to go a step further I would ask to add similar sats for 2€>10€ level half an hour before every 10€ one. Maybe that would help pushing it from a halt, and let a few players from the lowest stakes having a chance to play the highest mtt in the regular schedule. If that doesn't help everything shall be removed from the offer of course. But I cross my fingers so it doesn't happen. From my part I offer doing a small promotion on me if you let me. A player who wins the most of the 10€ tix in these sats till Sunday 20th May will be rewarded with my 50€ Big Bang ticket And if I manage to win a 200€ ticket myself using that path, I will give it away in the freeroll for all the players have played at least one 2€ step. I think it's a good idea and I will be happy if you make it happen Thanks for considering/trying my suggestions in any case, Best Regards!
  9. Hey @Leo-Unibet I agree with @mamrot, adding the 50€ one sat only tonight at 18:30CET won't certainly affect the 10€ r/a supersats, and let one more person playing the Big Bang. If I'm correct exactly 4persons have won the tix so far, maybe another regular will also join, so it's a good point to use them. I can tell from my part, if I win that sat I will help starting the tournament. If still enough time to do so, please schedule it
  10. @ImProSpin yesterday it was a bit better and 2sats started...let's give people some time to notice them, they may be filtering them out etc. if you can help starting them please be patient, I hope the opponents wilf finally arrive best of luck!
  11. @Leo-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet It happened again tonight in the 50€>250€Supermoon flip. Someone snipe regged it as a 10th player and auto profited it for 235€-50€=185€. These are not pennies anymore, and I'm sure every player out of the 9 that preregged it and saw that happening, felt abused or even cheated. In fact 450€ had been collected from those 9players, and they only got 250€ in return, which means 22.22€ eV loss for each of them. This is unacceptable and should be changed quickly. Letting anyone using unfair edges will undermine players' trust for sure. Best Regards! PS. I happened to be winning the ticket in that flip, but it doesn't change the situation was unfair for me as well.
  12. thanks @Leo-Unibet looking forward to see how the sats are doing have a nice day!
  13. Hey @Leo-Unibet! I've noticed that the tuesday Big Bang has been cancelled a lot for the past few weeks except for UOS. That's due to insufficient number of players showing up on the start. What might stand behind it is also a daily sat hardly ever runs I suggest trying it in a 2step format temporarily. People are bad at planning what they wanna play a bit sooner, let's help them doing that I think running a few daily hypers sats 10€to Big Bang50€ and one 50€ to 200€ would do it. Similarly like flips, 1tix gtd, 5players minimum, fast structure, 20bbs starting, 2min lev, freezout. 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, 10PM...anyone willing to play the Bang will find one of these suitable. 9PM: one daily 50€ final, 1x200€ gtd, 4players minimum, also a hyper. I assume running these would generate enough tickets to start the Big Bang everytime Please consider trying it soon. Best Regards!
  14. ....also seating in one players from the lowest stakes daily might be great hype for the new tourney...you could run a daily sat, 7PM CET, 1€ hyper, 2tix gtd, freezeout, 20bbs starting, 1min lev, 6max, 5min lr...GL to the winners
  15. Hey @Leo-Unibet I love the idea of having a tournament starting at 20bbs/action stack size 10min late reg though, is not enough, at least for now, to invite as many players covering 1k, and afterall it lasts a bit too long for a tournament at this range, which altogether might be discouraging to play. I suggest making the lev1 1hour long and allow late reg during that, and reentries at 20bbs. After that the tourney should accelerate with progressive levels 2-4, 1min, 5-7, 2min, 8-10, 3min....etc...or the other way round also could be interesting: 10min, 9min, 8min....Banzai I think experimenting a bit on that won't hurt anyone. To encourage players even more I would do a little promo on that too. For the first month a player winning that twice in the row might get an extra prize like 50-100€ tix for example....3x in the row = 250€ Supermoon....4x = 1100€ UO Best Regards!
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