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  1. Hi, I just noticed that i have 1 50 euro Chip Race ticket left and I can't use it. It's possible to make it generic or UOS? Thank you!
  2. @Stubbe-Unibet, we don't have to play with our community name anymore? I think it's important to know before the promotion starts.
  3. @Stubbe-Unibet , I'm not sure if this is real, i love it
  4. @Psycho79 cameltrader it's not me, I played a long time as "eastbeast" but now I change my name frequently... GLGL, we go tomorrow again until we reach that 4k gtd
  5. After i lost Supernova bounty at HU :Teardrop: here comes the consolation :Smile:
  6. @Psycho79 very good idea, if will be a sattie and i win will giveaway the ticket to 1 community member (if it's possible)
  7. This week supernova will be pko, then UOS will start and you can use your tickets there
  8. I think i got it, the add-on goes in the non-bounty prizepool and there will be big payouts an big bountys, sounds good
  9. This is first bounty tournamet with add-on i see, i don't understand where the add-on goes. We add-on just to protect our bounty, or? @Leo-Unibet
  10. I'm not sure but it's hard to believe that a cheater makes two accounts with the same name, someone will check and you will know for sure. Good luck at the tables!
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