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  1. @Elejoe I think so buddy. Maybe you should ask Unibet for some other tickets as a replacement.
  2. Not many Germans here. Really like to hear some opinions about that.
  3. @Joco i want to play the friday centroll but this game is also gone. I really don't know why you can play all other games with buyin but no freerolls.
  4. @Livertool Now i know the problem. The problem is that i am from germany and the goverment have some ''great'' new regulations that you are not allowed to play freerolls. Makes sense :puking::puking::puking:
  5. Yeah you have all freerolls. Thank you for the info.
  6. Nobody knows? Or i am the only one who have no freerolls in the lobby?
  7. Why are all the freerolls gone?:wonder:
  8. @Panamera i see only flip tournaments but ok. Thank you
  9. I want to choose Fati but he is not on the list:wonder:
  10. Hello Unibet i have a 5€ IPO Ticket valid untill November 4 but there is no tournament i can play, can you help me?
  11. It would be nice if you not only make the bell green but also the yellow number again how many message you have so that it can be seen better.:peace:
  12. In middle of the game the poker client crashed and i can't open it again. Great!!!
  13. @Stubbe-Unibet Sorry i only want to know how the player think about it and now i see i am the only one who open the software today and thought why??
  14. @Stubbe-Unibet I see i am the only oldschool one . The old one was clearer for me.
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