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From Poker Donk To Winning Monk


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So the gf had covid and is still recovering ish and I have just struggled with a sore throat/neck, head ache and bit of a stuffed nose just now but have yet to have a positive test 🤷‍♂️ weird stuff, not the worst cold? I've ever had but it's taking its time, prob had the first 'symptoms' about 2 weeks ago lol.

Wouldn't say I played the most volume lately but trying to get back to it.


888poker, actual wins on the table since starting about 40 days ago I think is $326 mostly playing 25NL SNAP (ZOOM) so the additional $158 is $100 from my deposit bonus and the rest is from winning hand of the day and some small returns from free tickets for tourneys or hexapro type of games.

Still $300 left to clear from my deposit bonus and 50 days left to do it, I'll be off 1st week of May and gf is away on holiday with her friends most of the week so I hope to get a decent amount of hands in then. Potentially playing some 50NL as well but depends on bankroll.



Crawling back on Unibet, cleared 2x €25 playthrough bonuses and just bought another one, still have 23k BP left. So for now €50 real cash in the account and getting through these tickets.

I've just nitted up in general, a wee bit preflop but def postflop, less floating with marginal hands and less calling big bets on turns and definitely rivers. In theory or high(er) stakes some of my calls seem normal, 2 me anyway, but it just doesn't work at these micro stakes. 

All in luck is 9 losses vs 8 wins atm lol, I joined a table last night, first hand I get AK in the BB and SB raises, we get it all in and he has AA 🙄 then a halfstacker at that table kept jamming so I called it off with AKo vs 77 and lost, then with AQo vs K2s and lost again. And later on I called an overbet on the river with a flush just for him to have a better flush lol, some tables are doomed.

Same on 888, didn't play last night but you get points for being active (type of crap rakeback) so I just joined SNAP for a few hands and I get KTs, one limps, other calls, and I ISO both call, flop KQxr, first limper donks out big, other folds so I just call, nothing else to do, turn Q he bets big again, ok bit dodgier but I call again. River another Q so ok now we split if he has a better K and he jams river, I was like does he have AA or something, I call and he shows AQo 🙄 nice donkbet on the flop lol.

Happy enough with my play last night, only remember one hand I should/could have folded after getting c/r on the flop and calling 3 bets as yes, yet again regs never bluff even when all the draws missed. Let's keep going!

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I wonder when I'm gonna have a run good day for once as I never seem to get an easy session ever. 3 buy ins down on 888 and 3 buy ins down on Unibet... seems everyone can run hot like hell apart from me. Even when I flop the nuts I never win a pot 🙄

All in luck, lost 12 - won 9 (lost 2x AK vs pp)

Squeezepot vs shortstacks. BB is all in pre and SB SPR is 1 on the flop and I just put him all in on the flop and he calls... 85% equity and yet again we don't hold...



4b pot, ofc I need to hit the last K in the deck. 


3b pre, he calls, I check call his jam on the flop... ofc again not allowed to win a pot...


3b pot with AA, what a board again, nh bro

And a weird hand, don't get it how many quads people can hit all the time. Can't remember every street action but I x/r flop or turn but then I get x/r on the river lol, that's like K and nothing else as I have all the best boats and some K myself... how do people always hit these boards like this ffs.



Absolute whale on this table, of course I get a hand and they have a better one... all in pre, even hitting a set on the turn doesn't help me lol


Same villain, I 3b and face this donk... great...


Same villain again, get to the river and no way I can fold this boat... ofc vs quads yet again feck me.


Pisses me off this, I get decent hands and just get nowhere and then these monkey regs just click buttons vs this whale and get there, he 3b A9o then bombs the flop hits his A on the turn and sticks it all in on the river.... and gets called by 65s... how crap of a player am I that I can't win a hand vs this whale djeez...


Still waiting for my turn to win every pot left, right and centre! Days like this I wonder why I keep bothering...

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And I have now for the first time tested positive for COVID after almost 2 weeks of having symptoms 😂 these tests are rubbish lol. Thankfully it hasn't been too bad, just cold like symptoms but it is certainly lingering about, prob coming up for 2 weeks now. Glad I had the jabs as having an asthma background this could have been worse. Seems like the spread here in Scotland has been worse than ever and like you can't even escape getting it. Hope this doesn't turn in to some terrible cold you get 2-5 times a year or whatever going forward... bloody corona!

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@ValueHeavy I watched a few of the Alan Explain vids you have on Youtube, pretty good, haven't checked any others but only really watch 25NL/50NL and upwards. 2NL/5NL is a bit 🤯 😂

For the rest just a small update here, haven't put in the most volume recently but running pretty bad and I don't want to keep posting bad beat posts over and over lol. It's pretty much one step forward and 2 steps backwards at the moment.

Improvement on Unibet: Won 3 cash drops so far I think, 2x €5 and 1x €2
So Cash Balance is 3x €25 playthrough bonuses (and now started a 4th one) + the cash drops.



Down to $743 on 888poker, running so bad there now, its unbelievable, played a few hands during my work on the app and I play like 10 hands and I get one fecking joke of a hand and just close the app it's that bad at times 😂

Can't remember exact actions but close enough:

3B, bet flop, jam turn, lovely... oops nope...


3B pre, jam flop vs this board and villains SPR... right...


Next few hands all vs same whale, think there was a random hand before this where he just jammed with random stuff, same here, I 3b and he donked flop and donk jammed turn I think, we are good... but nope no luck again.


Same villain next hand, all in pre lol


Squeeze pre vs same villain yet again, can't do much here with AK vs 2 opponents on this flop, x fold...


Limped pot vs 2 short stacks, c/r flop big and got it in vs 2 flush draws... just rubbing it in giving the flush on the turn straight away, barely any hearts left in the deck but sure...


Another weird hand, I open and get called pre, then he donks flop turn and river and I'm like wtf do you have AA or something, can't really fold K boat... just baffling...


Anyway, just keeping on battling, off next week so will see if we get some more volume in.

And gf showed up with a new puppy 2 days ago so hands full with that too again now, will post a pic later on. Still missing my old boy 😪

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Time for an update again, and another moaning post 😂

So another week since last post and about €60 up on Unibet, prob less than 2 buy ins up as cleared some playthrough and won a few €2 and €5 from cash drops. Also spent £10 (which comes of the real cash bankroll, not the tickets) on 2 snooker bets but they didn't materialise. Not the worst. Have another €20 playthrough lined up from loyalty lvl 4 - first step reward. And still 23,670 Bonus Points left too. All by all, once I clear the tickets there will be a decent sum in the account again, just by spending Bonus Points.


888 poker, balance now @ $848 so up by about $100. Still got $250 to clear from my deposit bonus and 25 days left on it. Prob won't clear it all but whatever.

I realised one thing from watching some of Eastyyy22 and Weazel1991 and others on Youtube and that is that you have to play a ton to 'make' money in cash games, especially if you run 'bad'. I think it's something I never really thought of but you often see these from X to Y bankroll challenges and even proper crushers take a long time to reach their target. And unless they stream every single hour we don't really see or understand how many hours they have to put in actually.

That being said, here some moaning hands, most from the last 2-3 days:

Both hands all in on the turn... feck.


Open AQo, get 3b, decided to 4b and get called, good flop for my hand, bet 1/4 on flop, x the turn and then get jammed on, feels bloody ugly but can't ever fold. Typical hitting a 2 outer...


Yup this is how I run a lot, 3b biggest whale on the table and get the ugliest board.

Oh yeh, flop a set but never allowed to win.


This is just such a tilting hand, 3b pre he calls, I bomb the flop and jam every brick ish turn so jam the turn, got 44... right... brainfart...


Yup, best flops ever in 3b pots...


All in pre...


Squeeze pre, all in on the flop... jup...shite8.png.72627254113b15591449d6c0a383a494.png

Can't remember this action tbh but think money went in on the flop lol...

When I lose too many pots vs a whale and decide not to fold anymore but always manage to flop the last card in the deck on the flop for TP...

All in pre, feck me...

Vs same villain as above... total bollocks.

Ofc boat vs quads... usual... 

Call a 3b, flop a set again no good...


All in pre...


This is just tilt, squeeze pre, get called 3 way, biggest nit in the pool just calling my bet on turn and then ships the river lol, easy fold vs this but just fed up... always the bloody same.



And still too many times I get AK vs AA... and when I get AA and it goes all in... jup they also have AA, just daft. But I don't lose em all:

Someone blasting it off and just called it down.


This was a funny hand, was half on tilt and decided to blast this one off on the river, he went in the tank then called and I thought fuck that's me done but got myself some extra money there 😂



Right, enough crap hands posted, feeling better again 😆 But just imagine I would win a few hands for once... bankroll would be skyrocketing lol. 

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Posted (edited)

Forgot to mention the first hand I posted from 888, my 87s vs AA was on 50NL lol, can't win a hand ever when I play a stake up...

Other thing I forgot is I used some points on 888 to buy a ticket for an all in tourney which pays out 1/3 ish of the field if you are lucky. 500 points for a ticket which is the equivalent of $5 so if you cash enough over time it should be a better option rather than just cashing in the money value (variance 🤨) and 1st time in and I ended 16th out of 573 lol. Would have been happy with a min cash of about $10 😀


And this just shows you how shit I run, or people are f#cking nitbags it's unbelievable. Started a session, get 3bet and raised straight away on all tables I'm like wtf is going on again, ok we persevere and I get going pretty good, winning pots, making some decent hands here and there... won AA vs KK for once but then it came back to hit me in the face yet again after an hour and half 🙄


Look at the bloody times, all within 2min, should have folded the QQ as we were deep and I knew the rec guy wasn't going to shove AK and he had KK... then KK vs AA twice... who runs like this?? Insta quit after this nonsense again.

And only lost €10 on the tickets so far today!!! FU variance!!!

But some better news is we won this, nice surprise for sure as didn't even know 25NL was eligible for €50 so the real cash bankroll sits at €167 now.


Nice hand of the day vs rec:


And played 2 tables on Ipad one night, got this, always find it funny when you have the same or a similar hand on different tables:


Now offski for an angry wank 🤣 back to poker later on 👊

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No idea if everyone gets the same bonus options but just noticed this one today and runs out at midnight, deposit £20 or more and get 20x £0.20 Temple Tumble 2 spins, no wagering required.

A free £5.80 for me so that will go towards my next KK vs AA 🤣



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Bankroll Unibet:  €972 (cash tickets only)
Bankroll 888:  $926

Oh, are we going to breach 1k on either site at some point or lose some stacks again first? 😏

Here a mad hand from Friday I think, open AK in MP, CO reg 3b me, SB (95bb) and BB (85bb) both very recreational, SB 4b huge lol over half his stack, BB snap calls LOL, easy game now with all the dead money in the middle, would probably jam pretty wide vs their ranges. So I jam and get snap called by CO which is a bad thing and we end up 4 way all in 🤪


Funny how yet again, I have AK and someone AA... but here we go, I'm pretty dead preflop, the flop giving some hope, OH MY lovely turn! OH NO sh!t river... at least I get some change back 😅



Next hand, yup you guessed it, KK in to AA YET AGAIN, this is getting absurd, I barely get action with my own AA but I prob had KK in to AA like 10x this week 😪



But we did it! Finally broke the curse 🤣 is this the turning point? Let's hope so 😀

Bullets Neo GIFs | Tenor

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In my opinion not because SB and BB are just button clickers and AK should have enough equity vs there ranges. Once they put all that money in I think it is a no brainer jam. Would be different if one of them was a reg as CO vs MP 3b don't happen that often on 25NL and CO wasn't massively 3betting so if a reg would 4b in SB or BB I would have an easy enough fold.

If you ever watch Weazel_1991 on Youtube playing Rush (Zoom) on GG Poker where they have these cash drops which add 20bb or 40bb etc I see him jam very wide at times.

Looking at my hand, there was 117BB in the pot as UTG limped and I made it 4BB, CO 12BB and then 2x 50BB from SB and BB, not actually sure what the cut off range would be for jamming but TT+ AJo+ maybe? Actually not too sure about this but I'm pretty confident AK is a slam dunk jam. 


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On 5/8/2022 at 1:19 PM, P0kerM0nk said:

Oh, are we going to breach 1k on either site at some point or lose some stacks again first? 😏

Oh are we feck 🤣

But better news:


This will be achievable so coolio, cheers 🥳


Currently still on the 2nd segment of a €25 playthrough before we get to that one though.

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Half a buy-in away from 1k on Unibet 🙊


Funny how I've played a random amount of tables, mostly 6 if it's only Unibet but if SNAP (ZOOM) runs on 888 I play one SNAP table and 5 tables on Unibet and yet I've come to exact the same amount of flops left on both tickets 😀


And another bonus, free cash money again, no wagering required... 10 spins worth 0.20 each.


Well, free money I said... 🤣


Hello there 😎, got x/r on the flop, can't fold with these amazing outs lol and bink on the turn, too bad he didn't have a boat.



Running pretty cold on 888,  only made 4 buy ins profit since I started, pretty mad. Amount of silly pots I lose vs recs is just lolz, like today again, recs calling 3b with rubbish, I flop TPTK they start donking out, I just call it off and all the money in on the turn and they have bottom pair... and river 2p... what you gonna do right 🙄

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Quick update before it's gone again tomorrow 😂 Only played about an hour today as weather was nice but managed to score a small heater, 11 buy-ins up lol.

Broke through the 1k on both Unibet (tickets) and 888, maybe post some hands tomorrow, good to win all the flips!




So not too many flops left before I clear the tickets, still €7.5 playthrough to clear before I start on the RAKE 400, GET 40 bonus. Will have to keep an eye on volume for it.

On 888 I've cleared about half my deposit bonus and have 15 days left on it or something, won't get it all so it is what it is. Saw another one this week,  20% deposit bonus up to $30 so I'll just use that one as well. Often see small deposit bonuses on 888 even if it's a couple of $ but just as well use it if and when they offer it. Free money is free money.

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And that's the tickets cleared, I 'purchased' them way back at the end of February lol, almost took me 3 months to clear, pretty mad. Requested my 25NL stats from that date till yesterday and I have stats for 6142 flops seen so it's not 100% exact but close enough.


€523.56 profit on the tickets over 37k hands (rounded it down to reflect 6k flops) or 5.66bb/100 hands (ish)... better than I thought, last few days probably helped, also not as good as I would like for 25NL but I went through a rough patch and sample size isn't the biggest either but obviously decent bb/100 nonetheless. Have now €1275 in the account and will keep playing 25NL till I hit 2k then prob mix in 50NL again and back to 25NL when we drop 3 buy-ins. And then see how we do at 25NL from today onwards.

My RAKE 400, GET 40 bonus is still locked up as I still have to clear my last €5 of a €25 playthrough, might leave it for a few days and play on 888 for a bit to clear some of my bonus there even if it's only for a couple of days. Ideally I would like to get to loyalty lvl 6 again at Unibet but might be a bit too far to get at 25NL.

Also cancelled my RIO training sub a while back and had an email offering me 50% on Elite subscription which I will buy for a month and then cancel again lol. There is quite a bit of decent free content on Youtube nowadays and that keeps me occupied enough that I'm not too bothered about the basic sub on RIO as I'm probably better off buying it every 2-3 months and then catching up on it rather than keep on paying it month after month as I don't think there are enough interesting videos coming out for me personally at least. But can't pass on the Elite one as that will give me loads of vids to watch again since last time I had access to it.

Few sun run hands:

What a beautiful river 😎


Luckboxed the river!


I 3b, get 4b by a shortstack who had 35BB left after his 4b and then folded vs my jam 🤣 tyvm!


MP opens, absolute whale in CO min 3b like adding 1BB lol, I squeeze and he calls, he donks 24.6BB in to 32.8BB pot so I just call, then he jams the turn 192.8BB in to 82BB pot 😂


All in pre vs another whale jamming every hand, I prefer winning these flips!


Vs same whale


I 3b KQ and get called, nice flop, get jammed on 😂


Cheers mate!


I like the stats like this more than the other way round!


Hope the sunrun continues 🍀

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And just purchased a month of Elite on RIO, been 7 months since last time I had it for a month as well, got LOADS of videos to watch again 😅

Also put another $150 on 888 to get a $30 bonus for when my current bonuses run out or get cleared, as said I wont be able to clear all of the deposit bonus as I'm only halfway now with 10 days left.

And leaving the RAKE 400, GET 40 for Friday afternoon/evening so I have a Friday again in 2 weeks to finish it if needed, currently sitting at 95% of my last €5 so that's all set up for a good start.

Never enough hours in a day 😂 also just started walking our new dog this week as he is allowed to go out now after getting his jabs so I'm actually glad I can have a companion again when going out, it is strange not having a wee friend at your side when being out for walks however weird it might sound lol. Still missing my old pal 🐶 would have been 16 yesterday 🥲

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Couple of bloody hard days on the tables last few days, not hitting anything, every other hand getting 3b pre, getting raised in every pot etc etc but first day of the weekend is making up for it, now half way through the playthrough bonus. Should get a fair bit in this weekend so there isn't too much left for next week.


And damn all those hot running nits!

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