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Unibet Online Series VII Edition


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I see there are threads related to previous editions, so why not to create one for the current. Post your screens with winnings or whatever you like. I am curious how are you gus doing with overall ladders. I am playing low stakes and standing at 139 in that ladder with just 14 points but there is still plenty of time to be first or last player. Difficult tournament today with rebuy/addon which format i personally hate.

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Thank you Stubbe & All!

I've found it already in the client, but I wanted the web version.

And before you think I'm wasted, my webpage miss some of those menu itemb below poker, when I log in. When logged out, they appear. Any hint why?



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UOS nano tonight

Standard play, i call


I remembered this fishy guy, played against him during the UOS, so of course i had to call against his big raise.


Donk lead again, such an idiot, come and gimme your chips


Or dont... :puking:


I played 5 minutes today, probably it wont be enough for staying around top50. 😞

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For the first time I did not end up on the leaderboard. 

 I have been running really bad in the series, in fact so bad I only cashed 1 time , and I played 2 tourneys daily for 2 weeks.   I consider myself an above average poker player, but too many stupid all-ins , really poor hands made sure I would not win anything for 2 weeks. The poor players get rewarded all the time. 

Normally I cash in 15% of the tourneys I play. Just bad run I guess.  

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