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I ran my bankroll back up to 1533.04€ by four tabling 10€ Hexapros this evening. Strangely I made this profit by winning a lot of small and medium sized Hexas mostly but I didn't win that many 10x. I had to fight hard not to tilt in some of the 100€ prize pool games. In one of them I lost the Hexa after losing around 4 or 5 consecutive all ins heads up. I also lost another 100€ prizepool in the heads up phase where I initially had most of the chips. My desk definitely got a beating from trying to burn off some of that frustration :P

Anyway, can't complain at all about a session this profitable.

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In my experience people enjoy bad beat stories more when they're telling them, only listening to others so they can outbadbeat each other. 🤣

Keep them coming, gives us an excuse to post our own. 👍

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"It turns out that 75% of all poker players think they play better than the other 75%."     image.png.99a4e82708d54abfc527324e8836768e.png

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@CuteRaven wrote:

People seem to like reading bad beat stories given the popularity of that content here (or maybe people just like posting them?). Here's a funny hand that I lost against pocket 99 in a 100€ prize pool (10€ buy in) Hexapro. http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/9903013 . Not such a bad beat in terms of absolute hand strength but still a pretty ridiculous situation :P

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Ok @GR1ZZL3R. I'll try to keep posting the worst ones when they happen! I feel like with playing Hexapros most of bad beats get lost somewhere in the haze of the session, unless they happen in the bigger games (like 10x). Or maybe I just have just been running well recently compared to some others at least :P

@MadAdoI don't really understand what you are trying to say? :)

Today I was playing the community poker league, and some Hexas at the same time. The Hexa session started off pretty badly, I probably had to play almost 20 Hexapros before I got any multiplier above 3x. In the end I luckily won most of the few big ones that I did spin so I made a minor profit. Bankroll is now 1611.04€.

I also came in 8th place in the community poker league. Mostly it was just fun to play against familiar characters and practice my probably pretty rusty tournament strategy (because I haven't studied the effects of ICM much).

Rather than share hands where I think I played well, here is an interesting hand from the community poker league a after the money bubble (right before final table) that I think I possibly played quite badly:


Villain didn't seem too loose so far (at least as far as I had been following) and I tank folded the turn. I have my thoughts about the hand but I won't spoil you with them if you feel like commenting your thoughts on it.




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up to the turn seems standard. I think I am folding the turn as well. OESD with third pair on the turn is an underdog against any higher pair and you are not getting overwhelming odds. 

I might add though that I know nothing about MTTs

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Thanks for the opionion @Dennis_ ! I was thinking after the hand that the turn fold might have been a bit too tight, since against AQ or AT I have about 30% equity and even against KQ or QQ I have 20% equity. I block some straights like KJ. Disregarding ICM I need to win a bit under 30% of the time to be able to call this. If villain is bluffing enough you could maybe justify the call.

However with ICM considerations and the fact that villain didn't seem that loose maybe it's a fold after all. I have little experience playing an ICM format so I'm not sure, felt like a pretty close spot anyway :D

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Bankroll is 1605.04€ right now.

Today I played a few Hexapros, HU SnG and the community poker league. Results were pretty breakeven in everything mostly.

I busted quite early in the community poker league, pretty standard spots IMO so nothing much to say about that.

The 25€ HU SnGs were the most interesting games I played today. I got to play against some decent regs and a few fish, and I was mostly pretty happy with how I played.

Here is an interesting HU hand that I cannot get to work in an external replayer. Villain was quite a new opponent so I was pretty readless:

*** Seated players ***
Seat 1: Villain (940)
Seat 2: Hero (1060)
*** Blinds and button ***
Hero has the button
Hero posts small blind 15
Villain posts big blind 30
*** Hole cards ***
Dealt to Villain [4h 5h]
Dealt to Hero [Qc Ks]
*** Preflop ***
Hero raises 45 to 60
Villain calls 30
*** Flop *** [Kh Qh 2s]
Villain checks
Hero bets 45
Villain raises 150 to 150
Hero calls 105
*** Turn *** [Kh Qh 2s] [Jh]
Villain bets 730, and is all-in
Hero calls 730
*** Showdown ***
*** River *** [Kh Qh 2s] [Jh] [Jc]
Villain shows [4h 5h], A Flush
Hero shows [Qc Ks], Two pairs, Kings up
Villain wins 1880

I remember on the flop when villain raised I literally said to myself  "Oh, he has a flush draw", I decided to call in position to keep bluffs in.

On the turn I was pretty frustrated by what probably is the worst turn card in the deck and villain went all in immediately for about 1.5x the pot. I tanked until almost the end of my timebank and called this hand, only to indeed be shown the flush. 

I think I need to get better at playing these sorts of rare spots and make this fold. It's a pretty hard/disciplined fold to make but I would guess against most opponents at these stakes (that don't bluff enough in a spot like this) a fold is probably better especially with my timing tells. Something like KT or AK especially with a heart is a much better call than this. Or am I just being results oriented?

Soon after this hand I played the following hand against a tight reg on a different table:


Preflop and flop are standard. On the turn I checked planning to check raise. On the turn against a tight reg who can still call some worse hands, with a vulnerable flush like this my check is pretty bad probably and I should just bet it. Anyway I check and immediately regret it, luckily however my opponent bets and I am able to spring the trap and check raise my hand. Then villain 3bets all in (and does the classic "I'm pretending to actually have a decision" tank) and I'm suddenly hating my life, but I can't fold this I think.

I have to keep in mind that villain checked the flop with a gutter and flush draw. It's probably not bad to check it sometimes but most players would just bet such a hand so it just makes it even more likely that my opponent is quite tight.


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first hand is fine against unknown. Sure you will be owned quite often but then sometimes you will see something like a bare flush draw, QJ, K2 and what not. I am only folding that against a s.h.i.t.reg who never bluffs but then again they wouldn´t overbetjam the turn.

Second hand I am leading the turn. You have to start getting some money in the pot and you will hate your life when he checks back and the fourth spade turns up on the river. He doesn´t have a gutshot on the flop by the way

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Yeah maybe you are right and I am being too results oriented on the first hand, especially somewhat readless. The instant turn overbet jam when I block most of his two pairs and unblock his straights and flushes just was a pretty terrible seeming spot. There are just so many possible flush combos too. You are right K2 makes sense, and some bluffs make sense as well (I'm not sure if QJ would raise the flop but maybe some players would), maybe J9 with a heart would bluff like this, or some Ax with a heart that plays this way preflop or some completely random air like T6 with the ten of hearts. I have seen some players that never bluff or only ever semibluff bet big when they have it (like overbet) and a lot of bluffs that haven't gotten there by the turn require some creativity. 

Completely agree with your comments on the second hand. Don't know how I misread that board regarding the gutshot 😏

Thanks for the opinions @Dennis_ 

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Thanks @Brocky, I guess I was overthinking that spot then! Do you still play much on Unibet? I always enjoy reading your blog posts whenever there are any.

Bankroll is 1589.04€. Seems like my bankroll really likes staying as close as possible to 1600€ 🤣 . I guess that's better than losing a bunch of money.

Today I played some Hexapros and broke even on those. Then I played a bunch of 25€ HU SnG (probably about 65 of them). I felt like a lot of my opponenets were quite weak and then there were a few pretty good regs. I lost small in the end and felt like I was running badly but not horribly, could have been a lot worse I guess. I think I still have some leaks that I need to correct like bluffing too much when I take certain lines. I got quite tilted from some of the run bad and made a few mistakes because of that but overall I think I played fine. Maybe the 25€ level would require me to two table the HU SnGs more initially instead of three tabling to really focus on my opponents and my game.

I don't think I would find the hands anymore, but here are two of the hands that I remeber that tilted me:

In one hand I went for two biggish barrels (flop and turn) against a loose opponent with something like K7 offsuit for top pair of kings. I was out of position and I had reraised my hand preflop against a limp and villain called. I had no clubs and the flop had 3 clubs (flop texture was similar to something like K 8 3). Turn and river was not a club. On the river an A came. I checked to my opponent who bet small (about one third of the pot). I called only to see A5 offsuit with the 5 of clubs. 

In another hand against a different villain I had the king high flush on the turn with four clubs (I had Kx offsuit). My opponent had bet large on the flop and large on the turn (I was out of position in a single raised pot and I had check called both bets), so I imagined on the turn that he probably has a flush. On the river the board paired. My opponent goes for a big bet and I call only to be shown a full house with a flopped set of 66. I mean I guess a gto bot would bet small with a set or two pair a very small frequency of the time on the turn, so that they could show up with full houses on the river when they take that line, but really?

It's hands like these where your opponents have hands that they should not really have much or at all, and they end up winning the hand somehow anyway, that tilt me the most :P

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I made a minor profit today mostly playing 25€ Hu SnG. Bankroll is at 1732.04€ now. I felt like I was running good against some opponents and badly against other opponents. I was two tabling today while playing HU to focus on some of the better opponents. I feel like I got better the longer I played and also was good at adjusting to my opponents today.

I was initially acting almost instantly on both tables while playing only two tables HU (I'm used to playing more tables). I guess it feels like I'm putting more pressure on my opponents that way and sometimes I saw my opponents spew because of my timing. But I noticed that if I play faster I also play a bit more on autopilot and it is less relaxing so it seems that forcing myself to play a bit slower is good. I need to remeber that when going forward.

I played the Magnus Open today and lost about 40€ or 50€ constantly rebuying. Mostly I just couldn't make a hand and I didn't hold with the better hands when I was all in. But it was a fun promotion since I also enjoy following chess and occasionally playing some online chess.

Here is a fun overly loose bad bluff that I made during the first one or two hands of the tournament. I thought it would be fun to introduce myself at the table with some aggressive action and win a few chips. My opponent made a gangsta hero call and I got owned (turned out later to be a somewhat loose opponent...but anyway) :P

I would probably sometimes play QJ the same way at least.

I open what is basically the HJ with Q8 offsuit (because some players were sitting out it was equivalent to HJ) and villain calls on the button. My open is way too loose preflop but I felt like making it :D. Having the 8 of spades also is pretty bad. Later in the tournament I was opening much tighter ranges.

*** Flop *** [As 2s Kd]
Me bets 75
Villain calls 75
*** Turn *** [As 2s Kd] [4c]
Me bets 300
Villain calls 300
*** River *** [As 2s Kd] [4c] [Tc]
Me bets 2970
Villain calls 2970
*** Showdown ***
Villain shows [Qs Kc], A Pair of Kings
Me shows [8s Qh], High card
Villain wins 6917

Flop bet was 1/2 pot. Turn bet was pot sized. The river bet was a 3x pot overbet and villain tank called 🤣

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Yeah usually I try to forget embarassing hands like that but I thought it was funny enough to share :P @Dennis_ 

I would say plays like this are pretty much a one off, although I do ocasionally punt off for sure. I also don't play tournaments much and I was playing that tournament more for fun than really seriously, and I was initially one tabling the tournament while cooking dinner so I think I played a pit crazyer than normal.

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Bankroll is now 1913.54€. I played a few 25€ HU SnG mostly one or two tabling them alongside the community poker league. At one point I had a streak of wins going and I managed to reach 10 wins in a row before I lost one. I also passed 150000 challenge points to get 25€ in rakeback. 

The community poker league was a bit of a disaster. I managed to build a big stack and then I lost it all :P. Anyway it was fun to play it and there were a bunch of interesting hands. I can't get the hands to work in any replayer, but this is maybe the most fun hand. Once again I got owned, this time by @Rushbie 

Rushbie raises from lojack. I call from the small blind. All others fold. Rushbie bets flop for about 1/3 pot. I call. Turn goes check-check. On the river I bet half pot and Rushbie calls.

*** Flop *** [5s Th 3h]
CuteRaven checks
rushbie bets 1200
CuteRaven calls 1200
*** Turn *** [5s Th 3h] [Qd]
CuteRaven checks
rushbie checks
*** River *** [5s Th 3h] [Qd] [2s]
CuteRaven bets 2800
rushbie calls 2800

*** Showdown ***
rushbie shows [As Kh], High card, Ace with a King kicker
CuteRaven shows [Ac 8h], High card, Ace with a Queen kicker
rushbie wins 11200

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Thanks @Dennis_ !

Did I just play you in one game of HU SnG (table on the left)?


Since the last update I took a shot at 20€ Banzai and things did not go my way :Rofl:. Lost most of my all ins and hardly got to play HU cash in the end like I hoped to. I stopped playing once my bankroll reached 1500€.

Since then I have grinded it back up to 1839.01€ mostly in 25€ HU SnG. Today I also had a short breakevenish session two and three tabling HU SnG. I was somewhat dissapointed with the results since there were a bunch of SnG that I almost won but then the all ins just didn't go my way. I stopped early because I was also quite tired today. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty happy with the way I'm playing currently in general.

What sort of content would be most interesting to you readers if you have a preference? More hand analysis? More pictures? More bad beat stories? More things about life or random thought that I am willing to share? Something else?

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@LeVsKaRaThank you :)

My bankroll is now at 2100.01€. I played some HU 25€ SnG and HU 50€ SnG. I made my profits at the 25€ SnG games and broke even at the 50€. Some of the action at these games today was ridiculous 🤣. I was a quite tired today and felt like I wasn't on my A game so I had a short session of about 2 hours and was mostly two tabling.  But the general level of play from my opponents gave me flashbacks from the 4€ Hu SnG streets so it wasn't too hard to win, especially when I was running quite well.

I took the weekend off because I was splitting my time between seeing a few friends and being mildly hungover.I think some day this week when I am feeling focused I will try and start putting in more volume and play a long session.

Thanks to my losses earlier in Banzai I qualified for the Super Double Trouble freeroll!

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Thanks @Dennis_ . Yeah, I don't think we played, I was playing with the same alias at first and then I changed it later.

I played some more 25€ HU because I got less tired somehow as the evening progressed. It was a lot of fun because at this time of the day (or night) the player pool tends to be small and you get to play a lot against the same players. Bankroll is now 2280.01€

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Todays session was a bit of a disaster. My bankroll is now 2035.01€. I was playing against some pretty good regs mostly and at some point I lost the ability to win any pots or all ins. I was tilting so hard that I had to take a break because I started playing pretty badly and making stupid bluffs. After the break I couldn't make back any of the money but at least I felt like I was playing well enough (not perfectly though) and I broke even. I was still feeling like I couldn't make any hands but oh well.

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