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Bankroll is 2395.61€. The saga of small winnings continues. I lost aboout 50€ at 10€ Hexapros and won it all back at the 25€ HU SnG streets. I have recently had a problem with playing small volume, today I only played about 30 HU SnGs. Playing three tables of HU often feels quite thrilling (even more so if you listen to some energetic music like this while playing

:Laugh:), especially when they are mostly reg battles, and if I win a couple of buyins I sometimes feel like taking a break just to take the winnings (and not risk losing it all back) and calm my nerves. That approach is too results oriented. When I am losing I'm more inclined to chase my losses and play a long session :Rofl:. I think I would be happy with volume that is at least about 70 Sngs on the days that I play.

I'm not sure at what point it would be a good idea to move up in stakes. Maybe once I hit about 3000€ I will take some shots at 50€ HU and 25€ Hexas. Maybe I should do it earlier.

How is everyone doing, are you enjoying your quarantine life or are you sick of it already?

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Bankroll is now 2383.61€. I played just 16 25€ HU SnGs today, because I was feeling quite tired and I felt like I was on my B game. I basically broke even minus the rake. So today was mostly a free day from poker.

@CasuallyAwesomeSomewhat agreed about the Hexas. I think the rake is too high, but I guess it's not that different from the industry standard for lottery SNGs so it would be hard to convince Unibet to lower it, but even slightly lower like 5% would be a lot better already. I think the hyper fast format is not that big of a deal since the blind levels are only that fast in the 1.5x and 3x. At 5x and 10x is where most of the edge and winnings come from (and they have 3 minute blinds similar to HU SnG). I also understand it from a gameplay perspective because most players who play Hexas just want to get the 1.5x multipliers over and done with. And I think Hexas are beatable for a decent winrate at the lower stakes if you are good enough, but the question then becomes does the winrate justify the huge variance? Anyway, I just wish the rake was lower...

As for my games played/ROI, I don't know it. I have thought about asking for that data from Unibet once I start getting a good sample, and now might be a good time actually :D. I think I will then start keeping track of my results in an excel file at least in the HU SnGs once I get the results from Unibet.

@Dennis_Thanks! I have decided for now that I will try and reach 3000€ before moving up. Mostly this is because once I move up I don't want to move back down again from a small downswing, so I think I will move up with a stoploss around the 2000€ bankroll level. Also making it to 3000€ could build my confidence for those stakes.

@spid3rix https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/Thread-for-Poker-Results/m-p/221434#M36455

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Good point @CasuallyAwesome. If you have done a course on it then you probably know more than I do 😃

I did some math on the Hexapro situation out of curiosity based on the info from this page https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/hexapro:

Multiplier * frequency of happening per 100000 games:

1.5*56294 = 84441
3*25000 = 75000
5*14000 = 70000
10*4600 = 46000
25*100 = 2500
5*100 = 500
1*1000 = 1000

84441+75000+70000+46000+2500+500+1000= 279441

Percentage of money (ROI) coming from different multipliers:

1.5x: 84441/279441 = 30.2%
3x: 75000/279441 = 26.8%
5x: 70000/279441 = 25.1%
10x: 46000/279441 = 16.5%
25x: 2500/279441 = 0.9%
100x: 500/279441 = 0.2%
1000x: 1000/279441 = 0.4%

1.5x has one minute blind levels, 3x has 2 minute blinds, 5x and 10x have 3 minute blinds and higher multipliers have 4 minute blinds:

Pecentage of money (ROI) coming from different blind structure games:

1 minute = 30.2%
2 minute = 26.6%
3 minute = 41.5%
4 minute = 1.4%

(Calculations might have rounding inaccuracies or other errors)

So seems like you are correct. It would be interesting to know if anyone has figured out how to calculate attainable ROI given blind levels, rake and toughness of playerpools (which is hard to measure I guess but you could still assign a variable to it in an equation). Anyway, I still think it is beatable (somewhat of a raketrap none the less) but the beatability of such high variance games is hard to be objective about because the variance masks masks true winrates.

I think the solution to make Hexas more beatable than they are would be to lower the rake equivalent a bit by increasing the probability of 5x and 10x multipliers. The gambler in me likes getting those annoying 1.5x multipliers over and done with, even though it is bad for beatability :Rofl:

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Bankroll is now 2683.61€

I played a bit more 25€ HU last night after the blog update and then played some more today. I ran slightly above average and also I am really happy with how I played today (last night I played a bit worse though). My volume today is decent but not great. I might still play more today, I'm not sure, but I'm also feeling a bit lazy so I might relax or do other stuff. I just logged back in to Unibet and it seems like there is very little action right now at 25€ HU so it's not that enticing.

I started keeping track of my results now. Hopefully once I get my past results from Unibet I can combine the data. Since the last blog update these are my results (output of the results calculator):

"You played 85 games and won 50 of them. You paid 63.75 in rake and your ROI is 14.12%"


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Bankroll is now 2808.11€

I played some HU 25€. Here are todays results: "You played 28 games and won 17 of them. You paid 21.0 in rake and your ROI is 17.79%"

So volume was not great today but I'm fine with that, I tried to get some university stuff done today too. Todays session was a good profit in any case and I'm happy with how I played. I ran reasonably well too of course (apart from a couple of times like the time when I had AA two hands in a row against the same opponent and lost both times to a rivered flush).

I think there are certain lifestyle leaks and other stuff that I want to fix/change. Here are the following things I'm going to try to change starting tomorrow:

-Going outside before breakfast. It's so easy to just stay at home for a couple of hours in the morning drinking coffee and browsing the net during "breakfast time". To enjoy the morning sun (okay fine, midday sun if we want to be technical :D) and get moving early I will make a packed sandwich or buy one at the local grocery store and either go for a walk or go grocery shopping or something like that.

-I will use the city bikes to get to places (with gloves) and also just to do some excersize, because I feel like I'm not doing enough excersize. I go running with a friend maybe 2-3 times a week but I would like to do somewhat intensive excersize more often, almost daily. I will also fix up my own bike this week so that I can use that in the future. Not excersizing enough also lowers my energy levels which results in decreased productivity in basically everything I want to do including my hobbies like poker.

-I will try and get more uni done, I have been a bit too lazy with it recently. This will probably be the most difficult fix for me honestly so I'm not sure how well I will be able to pull it off.

-When I play poker I will probably try to play more early evening instead of late evening because the lobbies are more active usually at that time. Sometimes the lobbies become somewhat empty during the session and on some of my three tables I'm waiting for an opponent which is kind of annoying. Also lack of action makes me take a break sometimes which results in lower volume.



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Bankroll is now 3021.61€ after a session of 25€ HU SNG.

"You played 71 games and won 41 of them. You paid 53.25 in rake and your ROI is 12.03%"

My session was a bit swingy today. At first I was running ok and was making a minor profit, then I ran bad and ended up a couple buyins in the red. Then I took a break because of tilt and listened to some heavy bass music and moody energetic EDM to cheer me up. I have also noticed that for me tilt is just as much about how I'm running on the table as it is about how well I can handle emotions on any given day. I think not having any meaningful social contact with anyone for extended periods of time can make it a bit more difficult to handle emotions. Having social contact sometimes has a calming effect on your mood imo. And I'm not even that extroverted tbh, I would say I'm somewhere in the middle of the extraversion spectrum realistically or maybe even slightly on the introverted side. I'm doing fine but it's interesting how these sorts of things can effect you.

Anyway, after I got rid of the tilt, I resumed the session and started running good again. I noticed that some of my opponents got pretty visibly tilted against me based on how they were playing. I think I played quite well throughout except for one or two pots at the height of my tilt. I think now that I reached 3000€ I'll take shots at higher stakes games.

Since the hand replayer miraculously worked today I took some screenshots of certain hands with the theme "I really want to fold". To set the scene, both of the following hands are against a very nitty player that I have seen a couple of times before. In one pot for example, villain bet top pair (K4 offsuit) in position on the turn for a small size in a dry single raised pot. And then they checked back river, so they only got one street of value 🤣. And they almost never bluffed and when they did it was for one bet only (and I think they only started bluffing because they realized I was catching on to their strategy).




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@Dennis_  Thanks 😃 ! Yeah I think the difficult question is always how much can I deviate. Always a bit of a balancing act.

@BrockyThankyou. I think one of my leaks has been calling a bit too much in spots where I "should call" but when exploitatively it does not make as much sense. I have gotten better about this recently. I have sometimes thought that if a prominent HU reg in a small player pool publicly complains about the games it can't have a negative effect on softness at least, if a lot of regs are inspired to leave 🤣. Still a lot of regs tho but the last two or three days have maybe been a tiny bit softer than what is usual for the past couple of months.

Today I'm taking a day off from playing, feeling a bit tired and have uni stuff to do.

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Bankroll is now 3149.61€

"You played 44 games and won 24 of them. You paid 66.0 in rake and your ROI is 5.82%"

It was my first session where I played the 50€ HU. I noticed that some of the regs at this level are starting to get quite good. Some regs are not that good. Mostly regs though at least today, not that many fish. I like a challenge though so I enjoyed it. The session was a bit swingy. First I was running kind of badly, I lost about 250€. Then I managed to make it back. I had to also wait for games every now and then.

Since the replayer worked once again I decided that I would show some more hands. The first two hands are two of the looser bluffs from my session. Are they too loose or justifiable?

The third hand is a loose calldown.

The fourth is an unusual line taken with a nuttish hand.


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72: I'm just folding the turn or even preflop. So many better hands to call oop. Riverjam seems spewy but I guess you can bluff bottom of your range anyways.

T6: Important to think about what we do with 54, 65, 86, T8, J8, JT. Without bdfd I would be very careful with checkraising since quite quickly we are bluffing so much that villain can call us with any pair.

K2: wp, this is quads or air most likely so K-high is the same thing as 6x

Q3: Building the pot when having a strong hand is the way to go but what is the range you are min-checkraising with?

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Thanks for opinions! @Soljanov 😃

72: Yeah. I think I'm not not bluffing that many hands here and I mostly bluff with some blockers. But I think it might be better to hove some flush blockers and of the pair blockers the 2 is the most irrelevant

T6: Yeah, I think you are correct that I'm overbluffing this. I think I call JT, and T8 mostly. 86, T6 and J8 I think mostly raise. 65 is the one I'm most unsure about what I would do, probably mix between calling and raising. I think 54 I mix between calling and folding. I'm not sure if that way of mixing makes any sense at all, it's just based on intuition and stuff like equity and showdown value or lack of it. But probably mixing based on bdfd makes more sense. But if I'm tilted I could see myself justifying raising any of these, so gotta be careful :p

k2: Thanks. I was a bit scared that villain would make a river value bet with some 6x that was bluffing the turn and now hit

Q3: I agree about building the pot and building the pot would be my default with nuttish hands almost always. I wanted to try mixing it up on the turn, which is not a great card for my range and I block a lot of villains value and villain might be tempted to bluff. I check minraise some of my good Qx sometimes, sometimes mix it up and checkraise a pair of 2 or 3 but it's rare. And then two pair plus almost always. And a bunch of air (stuff like JT ). I think a lot of players ovely cbet flop.

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1st hand: I prefer to block the nuts when doing something like this

2nd hand: The Ace of spades is a weird card, basically a brick (which is somewhat unusual). It doesn´t help your range at all. The only value hands you ever have here are 97, 93 and 73. I give up on the turn

3rd hand: It really depends solely on the opponent. Against most 25s regs I fold it, I guess against an aggro 50s reg the call is fine.

4th hand: I love the check on the turn. The 3 is a perfect card for our opponents range, so let him hang himself! However I am not giving him the chance to check back the river. Might not apply to very aggressive opponents though

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Hi all! Sorry for not updating my blog for a while. Basically I have unexpectedly been quite sick (no, not covid) and have had no motivation to update or browse the blog let alone play poker. My illness is completely my fault so don't pity me too much, it's quite personal so for now at least I won't disclose what has happened. I hope to return to playing at some point but I can't give a time frame. Hope everyone else is doing well :)

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So I finally have some motivation to update this blog again.

Basically what happened to me is that I took a "normal amount" of an illegal drug and that triggered substance induced anxiety disorder and insomnia for me. I didn't realize it was even possible for a drug to cause something like this after a single use. I certainly was punished for my ignorance and I'm not planning to experiment with drugs ever again.

I'm not going to go into specifics about my own experience, but weed and ecstasy are good examples of drugs that can cause this for susceptible individuals. Even legal medications can sometimes cause this sort of thing. So hopefully you can learn something from my experience. The way people react to drugs is very variable. One of my friends took three times more of the same drug that I took, as well as a coctail of other substances and was completely fine afterwards 😏

I am starting to feel a lot better (almost normal now), but I'm not quite ready to start playing poker yet. I have decided not to put any pressure on myself regarding poker and to just focus on getting better and restart playing once it feels right to me. Needless to say a month of ṕretty severe mental health issues have taken their toll and I want to heal fully.

What have I up to recently otherwise? One of my new "hobbies" or distractions recently has been playing 4 player chess and crazyhouse chess online (these are variants of chess). I'm rated almost 2000 elo on crazyhouse chess on lichess, and rated almost 2000 elo in certain forms of 4 player chess. Otherwise I have mostly been focusing on living healthy. I have been recently cycling to a nearby lake on most days and swimming in the cold water. That has helped me feel better.

Like I said in my previous update, I do still intend to return to playing poker and updating this blog regularly but I can't give any sort of time frame for that. Take care everyone, and hopefully you are enjoying early summer wherever you are (if you are reading this from the northern hemisphere)!

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Hi all, long time no see!

I think I have finally gotten significantly better from my anxiety and depression, to the point where I feel like playing again. It took a lot of time, support from friends and family, some excersize and some hiking in the wild, and still the struggle is not completely over. When the anxiety was really bad, poker was a thing I avoided because it made me think of my old healthy self. So kids, remember not to do ecstasy (the trigger of my anxiety disorder) and focus on the more healthy stuff in life like degen gambling :P. I'm gonna avoid alcohol and weed too (so basically all of the "harder drugs" that I have ever consumed) and focus on health and productivity!

I can't promise any consistency with this blog at least initially, but I'm going to play a bit of low stakes HU tonight (max 4 euro stakes) and see what happens. I'm certainly rusty after such a long break and my confidence is also pretty low, so better to start slow. Any familiar faces still around? How are you all doing, hopefully well :)

p.s All you HU SNG regs better watch out, this madman is coming back here to win ;)

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Yesterday I played some 10€ HU SnG and my results were the following:

22 played and 10 won = -26.0€

I was playing quite tired and not making great reads but I still enjoyed playing again despite the loss. I played 10€ because of the lack of action at 4€ stakes.

Today I played again and I was feeling quite fresh. First I played some 4€ HU SNG:

6 played and 5 won= +14.8€

Then I moved up to 10€ HU SNG stakes and had the following results (mostly playing three tables):

56 played and 33 won= +80.2€

I also got 1.98€ from insufficient funds of a cash game ticket (I purposefully donked most of the 6€ ticket away because I didn't want to grind it out).

My bankroll is now 3220.59€. Feels really good to be playing again and I am quickly relearning a lot of what I had forgotten! I still need to iron out some of the preflop ranges, postflop range construction and opponent reading skills, but even with the coating of rust that I currently have, it feels like I still have a decent edge at the 10€ stakes. I might continue playing at those stakes for a short while at least to become more sure of where I currently stand in terms of skill.

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I played some more 10€ HU SnG yesterday and today. Yesterday I was playing when a bit tired, and my bankroll dipped to about 3160€ with the help of some run bad and bad play. Today I played some more 10€ HU and ended with a bankroll off 3259.27€ (I also played and won one 2€ HU from a ticket).

Here are my stats from the last 2 days for the 10€ HU:

"You played 78 games and won 42 of them. You paid 23.4 in rake and your ROI is 4.46%"

Not great but not too bad either. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty comfortable now playing 3 tables of 10€ HU once again! I'm not sure when I will move back up to 25€ stakes, but probably pretty soon. I have noticed how much of a positive difference excersize and social life make for both my wellbeing and poker abilities, especially now that I'm recovering from my anxiety/mood disorder!

I have also been playing at the tables recently with the "Cuteraven" avatar. It's a good way to maximize the embarassment of bad bluffs and expose my leaks to everyone :D. Maybe some of you have already seen me donking off my stack to you at the HU SnG tables?

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It's a bit surreal to make 537.50€ in 30 minutes.

Let me introduce to you 25€ Hexapro games, the euphoria and despair of poker players (depending on how you run). I 4 tabled them for half an hour (playing 13 games in total) and this was the result:469572699_25Hexapro.thumb.png.473ff7b0fbde34ea1ee1720cb2065397.png

I decided not to play on. I have been a bit more tired than usual today, most likely because I have been developing some sort of mild flu (fatigue, runny nose). I went to go and get tested today for Covid, just in case. I thought I played decent poker today regardless, but my online bullet chess skills (which I sometimes play to evaluate my current mental sharpness) weren't that great today. Idk, maybe I will still play some more poker this evening if I feel like it.

Seems like Hexapro's have been treating me well in general, perhaps I should play them more often? :p

My bankroll is now 3797.59€

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