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Jingle spin, missing balls during freespins


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Sounds like it's somekind of glitch in the game, so I guess only @Fredrik-Unibet (or @RayL and @JeppeL) can forward it for the developers to be checked. When they come back to work in the morning ofc. Give it some time and they'll see this pretty soon 👍
Also before their working time begins, it may speed things up if you can tell the exact time when it happened, (spins can be seen in the casino history at main site's profile) and as detailed information about what happened is always helpful too.

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@Fetteranton wrote:

Played jingle spin and won free spins. But when the wheel hit 20 respins and 2500. No balls where put out. And there was just empty rooms. So when wilds landed under,  i did not get a thing..

What do i do now?

This happen to me too last week, but no 2500 :) When I got bonusround it was only empty rooms.. Fraud. I will never play that game again.

Unibet should remove the game from the list of games. 

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