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not free fees


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Hi @herkul99, welcome to the Community.
Indeed, Unibet doesn't have any fees when it comes to deposits. Unfortunately it seems that this is not the case with your bank and I'm afraid we don't really have any influence over possible fees that may occur with your Bank. I would advise you to contact them for a possible resolution. 





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Funny, the greatest reason seems to be charging for the quick deposit methods mostly 😏
Like from here if you want to deposit quickly, the only way is to use cards or other options that costs, unless you have funds at Skrill and use that. But if you don't have money there already, you can transfer quickly money to Skrill via Trustly, which surprise surprise takes the 1.5% anyway. Well designed.
Ofc the option is to use bank transfer, and wait unknown period of time before you get to play.
By then some other casino is already open in the browser..

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