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Welcome to Day 2!40388672730_b8de4962d3_o.thumb.jpg.d0db3e76b645e2fe552b588c4a1bece3.jpgGood morning and welcome to Day 2 of Unibet Open Malta, hosted at Casino Malta in St Julians.

A total of 82 players have made it through to today's play across both Day 1A and Day 1B and will be hoping to win that €60,090 up top!

Leading the pack today is Danish player Daniel Jacobsen who boasts a monster stack of 321,800. Slightly behind is Frenchman Thomas Eychenne who has 224,400, while chip leader from Day 1A Charly Grenet has a stack 197,400.

27300195897_80de4a8b24_o.thumb.jpg.6887236fc511ed97c8f61ce2ffa3acb2.jpgFour Unibet ambassadors made it through to Day 2, as well as a couple of Unibet esporters and Unibet community players. 

Their stacks are here:

Ian Simpson (Unibet ambassador) - 135,100

Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller (Unibet esporter) - 131,400

Ionut Nutu (@Nutu_Ionut) - 128,600

Fredrik Bergmann (Unibet ambassador) - 117,800

Emelie Svenningsson (@triceraatopp) - 116,300

Deivis Rinkevicius (@YouSoKind) - 93,600

Rauno Tavhonen (Unibet ambassador) - 76,700

Kevin Possemiers (@KrustyTheClown) - 76,300

Dmytro Gukov (@MonkeyStyle) - 64,600

Phil 'syrinxx' Schonebaum (Unibet esporter) - 57,300

Quentin Lecomte (Unibet ambassador) - 45,000

Adrian Nica (@NMPfan) - 35,000

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Lost one already!41454292884_83f565c508_o.thumb.jpg.0b2ca44df1f0cbbb0923b846347063f2.jpg

Within the first five minutes we have lost a player here on Day 2. 

Unibet esporter Phil 'syrinxx' Schonebaum started the day with around 22bbs and found his spot when he reshoved with Ax Jx, only to get snapped by the initial raisers Kx Kx. 

The kings held and Phil was the first casualty of the day. GG syrinxx!


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Great start for Papaplatte!


42166343601_64e1515630_o.thumb.jpg.abcbe7a4315e4119496d8209dded213f.jpgUnibet esporter Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller has had the start to Day 2 he will have wanted after knocking out Frenchman Romain Nardin. 

Nardin shoved in his last 44,000 in and Teller called when it folded to him. Everyone else folded and Nardin found himself in extremely bad shape.

Kevin Teller: A♥️ A♦️

Romain Nardin: 3♥️ 3♦️

Board: A♠️ J♦️ 8♥️ 7♥️ 4♥️

Overkill on the flop but Teller took it with a set of aces and moves his stack to around 170,000. Great start for him.

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Early bustouts

We are down to 73 from 82 already here on Day 2 of Unibet Open Malta, and those busted include Unibet ambassador Quentin Lecomte.

Here is a list of everyone that has hit the rail so far:

Phil Schonebaum

Jussi Heikela

Quentin Lecomte

Matteo Mutti

Even Sonsterudbraten

Gregory Telman

Robin Sevastik

Romain Nardin

Tomi Jumpponen

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Gukov gone!

Unibet community player Dmytro Gukov otherwise known as @MonkeyStyle has been eliminated from the main event in a very unlucky way.

In a three-way all in, Gukov got it in with Q♣️ Q♦️ against J♠️ J♦️ and A♦️ 8♦️

However the board came: A♠️ 3♣️ J♣️ K♥️ 5♦️ and the player with jacks covered both Dmytro Gukov and Evy Widvey to eliminate them both in a double bust out hand.

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Double ambassador bust out

42187327331_685d103a33_o.thumb.jpg.8c6c120140de3e72f858cf088a1cd76e.jpgWe have lost two ambassadors in quick succession here in Malta. 

First to go was 1year1million contributor Rauno Tahvonen who got it in with Ax Jx with a short stack but ran into Kx Kx.

And then not long after, multiple online triple crown winner Dara O’Kearney hit the rail too.

59 players remain with 39 getting paid.


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First Break update

Players have just gone on their first break of the day for 15 minutes here in Malta. When they return the blinds will be 2000/4000 with an ante of 500.

Here is an update of notable chip counts:

Ian Simpson (Unibet ambassador) - 275,000

@Nutu_Ionut - 193,000

Fredrik Bergmann (Unibet ambassador) - 170,500

@KrustyTheClown - 142,000

@triceraatopp - 130,000

Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller (Unibet esporter) - 127,000

@FeelsBadMan - 110,000

@YouSoKind - 107,000


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Israel powers on

One of the last remaining female players has just scored a knockout here in Malta. 

Jenny Israel saw her stack rise to over 200,000 after she got lucky against Dutchman Colin Heus. She limped the button at BB4000 and then called Heus' all in from the SB for around 44,000.

Jenny Israel: 5♠️ 5♦️

Colin Heus: 7♠️ 7♦️ 

Board: 2♠️ 3♠️ 4♠️ 6♣️ 8♦️

51 players remain as we edge ever closer to the bubble. 

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Grenet and Rinkevicius bust

Day 1A chip leader Charly Grenet has busted the main event here in Malta after a huge bad beat.

Grenet hadn't had the best of starts as he was down to around 52,000 after starting the day with over 190,000.

He got his last 52,000 with Ax Ax, and got called by Toni Ojala who turned over 7x 6x.

A flop of Ax 5x 9x had Grenet feeling ok, until an 8x hit the turn. And a 2x on the river sealed his fate, and Grenet was eliminated.

More recently, Unibet community player Deivis Rinkevicius aka @YouSoKind has also been eliminated from the main event, finishing in 48th place meaning we are now nine places away from the money.


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Bubble looms

There are 42 players left in the main event here in Malta but only 39 of them will get paid. Updates of who makes the money will come when it happens.

Unfortunately, one of those who won't be cashing today is Ionut Nutu or @Nutu_Ionut here in the community. He busted not so long ago after he lost with Ax Kx against Kx Kx. Unlucky dude!

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On the bubble!

We are now on the direct bubble here in Malta.

We unfortunately lost Unibet esporter Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller and Aurelie Quelain from the feature table which took our total number down to 40 players with 39 getting paid.

Players have been on break for the last 10 minutes and will return in just under five minutes. Hand for hand play will then continue.

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We're in the money!

We have lost our 40th place finisher here in Malta meaning that all remaining players are in the money!

The unfortunate bubble boy was George McDonald after his J♥️ J♣️ was beaten by the A♦️ K♣️ on a board of         2♦️ 9♥️ 8♣️ A♥️ 5♣️.

Those in the money now include Unibet ambassadors Ian Simpson and Fredrik Bergmann, Unibet Open London 2017 winner Gerret Van Lancker, and Unibet community players @FeelsBadMan@triceraatopp@KrustyTheClown. Congratulations to all those and the rest of the players who have locked up €1,920. 

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Post bubble bustouts

As expected, a few more people have busted in quick succession since the bubble bursting.

Unibet Open London 2017 winner Gerret Van Lancker was next to depart, and more recently we have lost not one but two Unibet community players!

Emelie Svenningson (@triceraatopp) and Adrian Nica (@FeelsBadMan) have both been knocked out in 38th and 37th respectively, taking home a min cash of €1,920. Well done guys!

This means that the last remaining Unibet community player is Kevin Possemiers (@KrustyTheClown), and he has just recently won a pot of substance against French player Jenny Israel and is now up to around 225,000.

We are now down to 31 players meaning that all those remaining have caught a pay jump to the next payout of €2,150.

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