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  1. Less than a week left until the tournament, let's hope the problem will be solved soon 🙏.
  2. Thank you Santa and congrats to the other lucky ones also🙂
  3. Something is definitely wrong after the last update.
  4. I was HU in this tournament, unfortunately after the break it was frozen for me and I lost most of my chips because of it
  5. After logging in again, everything is OK, strange. Thanks @Purps
  6. Can someone explain what happened here. Everything looked normal until there were 15 players left and suddenly the payout changed to what you see below.
  7. Mobile and desktop on windows 10, reinstallation worked.
  8. I see that freespins are in local currency, e.g. 1 freespin in Poland is worth around €0.10 Is it the same for you, or does the value vary from country to country?
  9. Both yesterday and today the captcha was unbeatable😟. I tried a simple trick and changed the local keyboard language to English and it helped both yesterday and today🙂. It may just be me, but it's worth a try 🤞.
  10. It certainly doesn't count correctly because I played 2 tournaments SPC #2-M and SPC #2-L that ended and it's still 0/30.
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