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Friendly game of live poker tonight on Twitch with Uhlen, Marco, Recorph, Stubbe and others


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Today around 19:30 CET we expect to stream a friendly game of live poker on @Hymn2Ninkasis Twitch channel@Hymn2Ninkasi@MarcoV and myself are confirmed, and I hope @ReCorpH@JeppeL and a 6th player will join as well.

There are some technical details we need sorted, so can't promise that we'll do the stream, but will give it 80 %. If we do the stream, there'll be some giveaways and other fun stuff. We'll probably also do a small competition where you are to predict the winner of the tournament - will post more about this when the lineup has been confirmed :)

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Alright, the lineup is ready. @Hymn2Ninkasi, @ReCorpH, @MarcoV, @testuser1 and @KongHenrik.

We'll start streaming around 21:45 - @VikingsAF don't think I'll have time to tag you, as I'll probably be busy fixing all the technical issues.

It's a short notice, but if you predict the winner, you'll get 3 * 4 Euro community league tickets. If you pick Espen you'll only get 1* 4 euro ticket though. You have till 22:00 CET to submit your prediction :)

It's going to be turbo NLHE and probably with rebuy till level 10.
Will post some more info later

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