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4 months play since joining over 20 deposits every single deposit returns under 2 pound ore 1 pound.i promote and review and predicted each outcome on casino.after no reply to complaints gathered all evidence along with 1000s of signatures from my viewers all suffering sane issues and directly contacted ecg snd gc.i request my deposit history and because I made a complaint they tried telling me I need photo I'd to have my deposit history.then wen I questiond its law the they said misunderstanding and apologised.lol.didnt misunderstanding at all.no casino goes 4 months over 20 deposits zero ingame bonus and under 2 pound every single depisit

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On 11/7/2023 at 6:46 PM, Alc said:

Is unibet legit?


On 11/7/2023 at 6:46 PM, Alc said:

Just deposited £1070 in to a game called Prince of Olympus. It's one of the age of gods games. Played at 75p a spin and eventually bumped it up to £1.50 a spin. Lost £1000

Yes. Unibet based on that is as legit as any other legit online casino,
100x 75p is what from the 1k deposit? Not a lot. It's plain normal to push chips into slots in order to fantasize big wins that changes the world. The belief into supernatural is high among us puny humans. 
It's not otherworldly to not get bonus spins on some high volatile slotgame in about 600-1500 spins either. It happens.
From 1k deposit you did about 1150+ spins with .75 bet.  Hopefully more for the joy, no idea. What you expected to get in return is something else.It's not rigged. It's just gambling.
You and we all are ought to lose, and that's the game.
Everybody choses to play or not. That's the question 

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16 hours ago, Alc said:

Cheers for the reply. 

The slot I played (Age of the gods : Prince of Olympus) is most definitely not a volatile slot game. I know exactly what you are saying. Some slots have the potential to give large bonus wins or some other means of substantial payout. This is not one of them. For an investment of nearly £1100 I would expect at some point to have a win streak. As I mentioned this is not a volatile slot. As a long time slot player you get a feeling to how games play. This was not right at all. Of course you expect to lose but not like this. Not continually through £100 deposits and then £70 at 15p a spin. I would love to show you the RTP for this game period. Including all the tidily 4p returns the overall payout would be less than 20%. 

It was theft. Pure and simple. I've played this game at many casino sites and NEVER experienced anything like this. Lost? Yes of course, but never like this. 

This is why I asked the question. Is unibet legit?

Having read the unibet reviews on trustpilot it's hard to tell. 

I'm in a position where the money stolen isn't that important. I don't need it. However game fairness is important to me. I didn't get that here 

I would ask unibet to check the gameplay for faults but that appears pointless judging by other comments left. 

@Alc, we don't control the slot in question, nor the slot games in general. The games are hosted by the provider, and RNG etc. is all on their end. Of course, the games are tested by independent 3rd party, and we only work with providers that we trust.

Your slot RTP for the last 7 days is 86%, which is indeed on the low side, but obviously far from your 10-20%. 86% is well within the expected range for the number of spins on the respective game - there wouldn't be any big winners without such swings 🙂 

Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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