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On 7/1/2023 at 10:06 AM, Purps said:

Hi @Hoover1943

You can change the sorting preferences by clicking on the marked spot:


  Quite correct @Purps but rather every time I go to the racing page the horses are in racecard order...




...rather than in price order, which I prefer as I suspect most other punters would.




   However unlike the odds format, which can be set at decimal or fractional, the racecard page does not appear to have a set button for the display to keep it at the prefered option, I wonder if @Jami-Unibet could have a word.  🏇

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Oh I see, it doesn't remember the selected sorting option 🫤

I don't do racing so I just assumed it does... Really would make sense if it did, as I also think people would probably prefer the racecard always opening on their selected sorting criteria...

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