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Guaranteed winnings on slots.


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Following all the various threads on the returns to player that slots provide and a lot of ranting and raving from some that play them and continually lose set me wondering what my RTP % is and how do I calculate it.

I log into each casino I have an account with every day and play their various promos, Wheel of Wins, Prize Pinball, Wonder Wheel, etc, etc, etc. Most give small prizes a fair number of times so I play these and collect any winnings. Today's resulted in 1 win of 5 spins giving a small gain.


Sometimes there are only a couple of free spins and I don't win anything :Teardrop: but the best one I got was a while back where I could keep spinning until I had 10 wins. :Smile:



Now I never use any actual cash to play these slots, reserving my money for playing games I think or hope I have an edge on, so my question is:  

If I have never paid for any of these games and have collected, say £50 over the months, what is my RTP %? What is £50 won expressed as a percentage of nothing invested? Is it 0%? Is it 100%? Is it infinity and beyond %? 

These and other questions make me ponder from time to time but don't keep me awake at night, I know and accept I would probably never profit from slots unless I was extremely lucky, which I don't think I am. This does however make me wonder If this is the only system of winning on the slots that truly guarantees no financial losses ever, only pure profit, and as such am I the winningmost slot player ever? :Geek:






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@GR1ZZL3R Interesting question, RTP % is worked out on the overall performance of a slot, not what it returns to you personally. In the exact situation you are describing your 'personal RTP' is 100% as you've never put anything into it, or 0% yes if you're being pedantic. But personal RTP isn't really a thing and the % they give you on a game is to help you determine a games performance. 

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