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Bet voided


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On Thursday 18 February I placed a bet with Unibet.co.uk on Forest Green Rovers to beat Newport County at odds of 2.60.

The next time I logged back into my Unibet account (after the match had been played) I noticed my account balance was lower than I was expecting. When I checked the bet history I found the following:

18 Feb 2021, 15:32:29

Bet type Full Time: Forest Green Rovers Stake: £238.16 Odds ((2.60)) Status Void Payout £238.16 Result: 0-2 Reason for voiding: Stakes refunded
I had not been sent an email to say that my bet was void and I followed the game in the belief that I had a bet on the game and I thought I had won. I went on to the Unibet customer chat and he said: "im afraid these decisions an be made at the discretion of the traders at any point" but I am pretty sure the Gambling Commission does not allow operators to just cancel a bet after it has been placed just because they feel like it and without telling the customer. I will also point out that 2.60 was lower than the odds Forest Green were trading on Betfair (which was 2.70), so the odds were not out of line with other bookies. The agent then told me to write to Unibet's UK support at info-uk@unibetsupport.com and I did so on 23 February and followed up again on 3 March. I have had no response from Unibet - not even an acknowledgement that my email of complaint has been received - and am becoming increasingly worried that no one is even looking at my complaint.
In summary, it is not okay to void a bet after it has been placed without warning the customer. You should only be able to void a bet if the odds are clearly wrong (a palpable error) and you need to do that before the event starts AND inform the customer you have done so. In this case, there was no reason to void the bet and it should be paid out as a winner.
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Hello, it has now been a week since I posted on this community forum and nearly four weeks since I made my initial complaint by email. I can't see why it is taking so long to resolve this.

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Another week has passed and still no reply from Unibet. I can't believe that this is so hard to resolve. Do you know if anyone in the trading department has even looked at this?

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Hey @JSS, There is an update for that:

Please be advised that this match between Newport County and Forest Green Rovers was moved from 2021-02-20 16:00:00 CET to 2021-02-21 14:00:00 CET.

Bet was voided due to suspension prior to its movement to its new date.

Please note of the Section B.5.7 of our Terms and Conditions:

Any event which does not start within 12 hours from the kick-off time as last issued by the governing
association will be declared void. This includes cases like matches which are postponed due to bad
weather, crowd trouble or similar scenarios. Exception to this are cases of events whose starting times
had not been officially defined yet by the governing association at time of bet placement, or those
which are moved due to scheduling conflicts/tv broadcasts but are to be played within the same
matchday (where applicable). In such cases bets will remain valid granted that the listed event is the
next official commitment from that particular tournament/league/competition scheduled for all
participants in the offer.


Please let me know if this does not clarify the issue.

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So it takes nearly a month to tell me the reason why the bet was voided?

Looking at the details of when the game was changed, it is clear that the date of the match was switched on 17 February. You can see that it was reported on the BBC on 17 February - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56104931

Yet my bet was placed on the afternoon of 18 February (18 Feb 2021, 15:31:49). Unibet had plenty of time to get the details of the match correct but clearly something went wrong.

You then voided my bet without telling me you had. If I had known you had voided it because of the match time changing (even though it had changed before I placed my bet) then I could have logged in and placed the bet again. But instead I had no idea it had been voided and followed the match believing I had a bet on it.

I don't think this is a fair way to treat a customer. 

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Any follow up from Unibet or am I going to have to take this to your ADR or the Gambling Commission? I find it amazing that it is simply acceptabe to void my bet without warning, take a month to explain the reason and then not respond to my perfectly reasonable objection that I placed my bet a long time after the game date had been changed and that this is a Unibet error, not mine.

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Hey @JSS,

I can check the time when the bets were voided, but all the bets are voided at the same time. I do not know what page our trader uses for the information of the times, and when the information for postponing a match comes in there is still a delay before the bets get voided. I'll raise another ticket and try to have all of this cleared up. 

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