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where can i use quarterly unibet open package freeroll tickets?


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Hi @Wizard / @ridley,

The UO challenge freerolls tickets are issued every quarter once you reach 100,000 challenge points. They are valid for the 2x freerolls at the end of that quarter only.

For you @Wizard, you have one ticket that is valid for the last Q4 freeroll that will run on the 9th. The other ticket was issued in July and would have been for the Q3 freerolls

@ridley, you are in exactly the same position.

Poker Janitor

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Ive got another question about those tournaments. I'm pretty sure that i got two tickets and registered to 3rd January tournament and the today one. But when i log in i saw that today tournament is going without me and second ticket is gone :(
I'm asking because i do not know what is going, mb i dont register to today tournament and ticket just expired but i dont know how to check that.

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