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Wrongly settled bet


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@m_mouse wrote:

Hi, I've had a bet today table tennis Moscow league pro Vladimir Shirikov Georgia Varnin. I've backed Shirikov and they have the result as he lost 3 1 but he won 3 2. Can't talk to anyone at Unibet or email.

Hello @m_mouse and welcome to the community , 

Best thing you can do now is to post the cupon ID , so that @ReCorpH can have a look at the betslip you mentioned and send it to the traders for further checks.

And on this thread you can find a guide on how to contact live chat when you will need it in the future : https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Unibet-how-to-s/Live-chat-How-to-get-in-touch/m-p/167367#M166

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