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SNG challenge


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hero is a 20yr old guy from Finland. Been playing for a year now poker for fun, mostly cash and mtt. Only played sngs a little bit(mostly 4-25€and a bit higher in heads up), and now I'll start to play them a lot more frequently. I will start with a 90€ bankroll playing 4€sng5handen. Goal is to put in a minium of 5 hours a day 4tabling for now on. Besids of this projekt i will also play  a bit cash and MTT live&online with a diffrent br. Will keep you update with the results of this projekt. Wish me luck.

make it or brake it.

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It didnt start so good , played 10 games with 9€profit only.. During that time i started playing 3 tournaments(total buy in 25€). Those gave me one cash, 5th place and 58€ in the 600 sputnik. After that I started playing some 4sng again. Somehow I managed to tilt massively, and soon i was 6bin in todays reult from sngs down, and a few more buy ins at games still going on and it didn't look good at all. During that time I took a drink and decided to start play good again.  That gave me a good upswing, an 18€ profit from todays sng. I don think that is a good result, when i played about 23 sngs today. But overall I'm happy that i managed to play good and win right after my huge tilt and downswing. One reason for the tilt was that its hard for me to be motivated and play good when playing such low bin games. But a challenge is allways a challenge now I have found my motivation to grind and go trough higher stakes. trying to put a lot more volyme in from now on.

Official starting br:80€ 

br after today:127€(including mtts)

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Had a rough weekend...

plaued last saturday some games while drunk, endend with a roll with 181€. After that i made a cashout.


Played some husngs(first games after the wkkwend) n the morning today.

the Bankeoll is now 131€ and will later today continue crushing 5sng and maybe mtt,try to stay as long as possible from thos 10€ bigger HU sng's

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what can I say, I am aggressive. lol. While drinking I don't find playing as exciting as normal, and it's easier to not think with emotions and do right decisions. But at the same time is easy top stop caring bout your money and start gambling for real. These are only my experiences. while have the following days some things to do so will start with the challenge and goal volume in the end of the week. Will keep you updated until that only if a I play some games, but it won't be much I think.
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