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  1. This week: -130..... Lost almost 200€ at another site, not good. Fortunately I've been playing good poker at Unibet. So, they say you will get the best out of yourself if you focus on one thing. Well this is exactly what I'm going to do for now on. For some reason I play much better poker at SNG's and small field MTT's, you can't really call them MTT's. One reason is that I've played more SNG's than MTTs, and they differ a lot when the SNG's I play are 5handed. And of course, the field is softer. So, the SNG's will be the thing next week. And yes downswings come and go, but this downswing effected my game too much at MTTs so a break from them is better. I also got a new thing going on, an opportunity I had to take. This means that from august I cannot expect having any time for poker. And starting from today I need to use much time every week for this new thing. This is one big reason to why I will mostly focus on SNGs now. Better to use these upcoming months to play the game mode I'm more comfortable with. So, now I would need some help from you guys! Do you know any software (free) which I could easily use to do a graph over my SNGs? I don't even know how to do it on an excel. I have ofc no problem to count the games and put them here to every update, but a graph would be nice to have.
  2. Hi how are you thanks I'm fine. Well I won the last one. nice nice... Its also nice because I won a 10€ticket with 2 €, so I basically paid 2€ for that win. I think I had good luck with whom I had against me when we were short handed at final table. These guys didn't know what push fold is, and I think they were scared money because they started to just limp pre as soon as we were 4 left. It almost turned out to be a disaster (that would have been finishing 3rd) because these limpers had better board reads than I :(... And 3rd place would have been a real disaster since I had 60k when we were 6 left. I felt overall really good how I played this one, for once it felt like I was patient enough. BTW! It would be really nice to have more communication with you poker guys and gals. Does some of you have discord (or something similar), or maybe a discord channel I could join? It would be cool to share some hand histories and talk generally more about this game. It feels a bit lonely when I don't know anyone who plays poker
  3. well this happened in a 2kGTD mtt, It was near the bubble and I had almost the shipload stack, which was 8x starting stack. It was only one hand between these two... In both spots villains instant betted all in pre flop. In the first one villain had near 40bb. think I lost a bit today, but have 1 mtt left on Unibet.
  4. wazaap The week has started out well, 2 days of profit. Today I finished 4th in a 10€ bounty at Unibet for 46€, and 3rd in a 5d bounty for 75 d. The sngs has also been running well the last 3 days. feel good about may game right now, some awful mistakes made but that's life. Should have time to play much the rest of the week, but the summer has started here in Finland and rumors say that the terraces will open this weekend here in G-town (where I live) so we'll see if I manage to grind my ass off this week or not.
  5. Would love to challenge Unibet team players in 5max SNGs. In any case a SNG promotion (for example a leaderboard) would be nice, with lower stakes added this time.
  6. WAZUUP todays result : +65€, and some left in tournament dollars, but won't count them to the result. Played some mtts and sngs today. In the future I willl update this blogs result every monday with last weeks result! But I will keep updating more often anyway, will mention if something nice happens at the tables and so on. gn guys.
  7. Morning session done. Played 10s and 5s, nothing went my way and made some horrible plays. Session result: -70€
  8. ciao Played some mtts and sngs. won a tournament. Got two 25€ tickets to Unibet from a competition in a Finnish poker community. I will probably use them today, at least I'll play the deep impact, Session result: +33€
  9. Okay, good to know!
  10. pam pam WAZUUP?! morning session done. And I finally did it, I won my favorite tournament from my morning set. A 5d hyper bounty from another site. Won it for 194d, unfortunately I won't post a pick of it since I don't think its okay to give visibility for other site here. Nothing to mention from my other games, this one saved me today. Result: + 153€
  11. HELO HELO Vappu was rough, and so was today. The day begun with two exams at school, then to work and then home to play some cards. Played some 5s and 10s, did do some horrible plays but the result doesn't bother me at all, I was so tired form last week. Todays result: -43€
  12. Klara vappen mina nära och kära! (yes, translate that if you want to understand ). Basically that means that I have been playing a bit. But because the time of the year ( vappu in Finland) I've been partying more than playing, and will party until Sunday... Basically I've been playing on the mornings while being hungover and on nights when coming home being drunk. Has been fun at least!! And for my Finnish friends: Yes, my vappu started earlier than supposed to ..... Played MTT, SNG and ultra spins. So I've been mixing it up on different sites. Just finished an 4h session. Most of the profit came from shots to bigger games. Result since last update: + 91€ Tack och hej! Hoppeligen hörs vi imorgon
  13. Played one more MTT and won it. It was a 5d hyper which I won for 139d. So todays result so far: +140€ It indeed has been a good 2 days so far. Might play the league tonight....
  14. Morning MTT session done. Won a tournament. Result: +43€
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