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I've decided to go.


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But I wanted to leave some feed back. Earlier tonight I was in chat and the reprasentive just went without saying anything left me talking to myself. That was the final straw. Ever since being transfered over from StanJames I've not enjoyed the Unibets site lay out. Promotions often not given and no way to prove them - other times free bets expire before using them. Its always hard to get to speak to a human when you want help and genrally nothing seems to be as smooth as it should - often the odds are not competitive. The second to last straw was the free £5 bet I believed I'd earned yesterday and couldn't find today and as the promotion is passed I could not provide a link to it so was told nothing could be done as I couldn't prove it. 

Then the way you Unibet settle some markets is so different to what I expected and other sports books do. All in all I thought it was time to part ways so just withdrew my £1,235 to go play elsewhere.

I'm based in UK and find rivals sites I like much better. Those I bet with most often are Bet365, Paddy Power and Sky Bet.

PP and SB both have rewards/clubs where you can earn free bets by betting a certain amount weekly.

B365 and SB both do not expire free bets (B365 call them bet credits) and as long as your an active account so done something within the last 6 months they stay there until you use them - no time limits. FANTASIC - Unlike Unibet I look in my expired history and see £15 worth of free bets there I did not notice or know I earned intime to use before losing them as you kill them after 3-7 days depending on promo. Had I had them at those other sports books they would still be good to this day to use like my cash balance when I want.

Lastly when I look for a good price always one of the others beats you either on odds or promo wise. Quite often I will take a slightly less big price on Bet365 because in both singles and accas they do things like 2 up (in soccer) its marked as a winner - don't matter what happens after that. PP do this also but only in certain top league football like the Premier League, La Liga and Champions League where as 365 do it in on ALL football markets any legaue or division or competition.

Also Bet365 do 17 points ahead in the NFL (Amercian Football) and it to is marked as a winner so if a single paid out early or if part of an acca marked as a winner (so doesnt matter if team goes on to lose). Excellent stuff which Unibet does nothing of the sort of.

 I am surprissed Unibet does not lose more players unless these bookmakers are not in many foreign markets you are and so those players have no choice - but if your in the UK or Ireland those 3 beat Unibet hands down for vlaue, odds, promos and rewards - plus each of there sites is far better laid out imho.

bluelionman signing off.

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Unibet is much better than those sites that you say. If you are Englishman, then sites oriented for the British are better for you. Since these sites give the British a lot of bonuses. But Unibet international site. And there are a lot of interesting and diverse promotions. Unibet team is trying to make the best product for the maximum number of players. On unibet, a very responsive support service. It's strange to hear that they didn’t help you. I hope you find the best for yourself
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