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Tables freezing


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All right then, time to call it a session...

Last time Unibet people ( @Stubbe-Unibet ! )were asking the details about the frozen tables in which the money was stuck. I'll just give them straight away to hopefully make things faster. My frozen tables are the following:

PLO100 cg73cca1,

PLO100 cg73cc9e,

PLO200 cg73cca6,

PLO200 cg73cca7.

Hopefully someone checks this out. Thanks!

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@ppokerplayer , @Sienimyrkytys , @mihay , @tinkeri .

We have created this thread if you guys lost anything due to the server issues. 
Feel free to post there any "damage" that this might have caused and please be as speciffic as possible, as @TeddyKGB did.
@TeddyKGB, I've posted your comment in the thread already.

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