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  2. @Stubbe-Unibet I know you have millions of unused bonus points somewhere in your office so how about put those bad boys in work and cook up a knockout stage competition.
  3. This is madness. Mbappe to score 1,25. Was ~1,15 Not to score 3,25!!!!!!!!!
  4. @Purps What do you think adding 0-0 to goal scorer? Not this poll but in the future. SVK-ROU feels 0-0...
  5. Need both pick to hit. More Kossu.
  6. First try and made it to Phase 2. Small stack though.
  7. Has it been that popular that prizepool has gone up to 14k or what's going on? Looks pretty juicy, maybe I try few phase ones.
  8. I can feel your luck has run out and you start slowly moving to your place to the bottom of the leaderboards. Actually I found a clip you analysing today's games and I wonder how you can be 14. atm. (rigged maybe)
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