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HUSNG's 4's and beyond...


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So I've decided to have a bit of a go at learning to beat HUSNG's on Unibet. 🆒

Taking a leaf out of @Bing__  's book my plan is to deposit, double my deposit, withdraw my deposit and then carry on.... 

I like this approach because if you manage to do it, you're effectively freerolling from there on out. 

Much like @psrquack i've started alot of journey threads (especially a year or  two ago when I was really into poker) and never managed to complete any... even more... than psr's three threads -psr looks like a superstar compared with my failed thread count xD. 

So I'm going into this knowing it's going to be tough!

I'm yet to catch one of @Brocky 's streams, now I'm focussing on HUSNG's I really want to catch one, so will be keeping an eye on his thread to see when the next stream is. 

I've gone with HUSNG's for two reasons, first they are quick so I can slot them in when ever I want, and I work from home, so that's handy.

Second I have some charts from last year I made so should have a fairly sound game preflop, well in theory 🤣

I'm also going to enter any community events that come up, and mix in the odd MTT (no higher than 5 euro rebuy). 

Hardest part of this challenge for me will be: 

1) Not mug betting my bankroll away on sports betting 🤣
2) Being disciplined with my time, so I don't get carried away and end up playing all day. 
3) Not moving up in stakes when I suffer some losses. 

So here goes... £150 deposited! 


Plan is to move up to 10's at 250 and always move back down to 4's if bankroll hits 170. 

Not to move beyond 10's until I've withdrawn initial deposit. 

Good luck song 🆒

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@SkilfulPoker  I've had a very short go at these, much too swingy for me so I've settled on the 5 seaters. Try to catch @Brocky's stream if only for the expressive language and Helmuthesque rants 🤣 but I've certainly picked up some pointers. GL.👍

"It turns out that 75% of all poker players think they play better than the other 75%."     image.png.99a4e82708d54abfc527324e8836768e.png

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Gl mate. You can catch my streams whenever you want as they're saved on my channel. I try to talk through hands and why we bet or don't so hopefully people can learn or improve. Let me know if you need any help.
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@GR1ZZL3R  hahah yeah they are swingy, I think I'm taking a few too many spots preflop and increase variance ;/ 

@Brocky nice one cheers, look forward to checking your stream out. I tried to check earlier  but got this message, how to find the videos? thanks!


End day 1

On the whole today went ok. I got a bit frustrated, but was able to keep composed and play through it. I'm yet to cross the profit threshold... but am pleased with my game on the whole, I don't think I ran great (but ofc we always say that when we don't win). 

Also played 4 hexapro's for the mission (I thought you were meant to play 3 in a day not 3 on different days haha)


Played: 120 4 euro HUSNG's. 
P/L: €5.17

Challenge Totals:  (same today)

Played: 120 4 euro HUSNG's. 
P/L: €5.17

Here's a graph of how things went...


Ofc would be nice to profit.. but one step at a time :Veryhappy:

I also won a €6.00 cash game ticket as part of the challenge system. 

Last 40 odd games I switched to two tabling, and am fairly comfortable two tabling now, so I think I'll two table going forward. 

Main lessons were mental today: 

- Don't expect to win. I went into the session 'expecting to win' and this set me up for a bad mental experience when I started losing. This challenge should be about learning to win not expecting to win :Happy:
- Don't be a call station. 
- Dont verbalize insults in my head about players when they win a hand :Rofl:



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Morning all! 

Nice start to the morning here, played a 1 euro hexapro sng for day 2 of the challenge, and it awarded 5 euros, and won it, which was nice. 


Having a break from booze at the moment been about 10 days, feel better for it in the mornings. 

Genna do some studying of my ranges, and then fire up day 2 of the challenge. 

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Thanks both! 

Well.. this has become quite tilting, so I'm going to stop HUSNG's for the day and switch to MTT's. 

The good news is at 4 euro HUSNG's people stack off with anything. The bad news is variance is a bitch. 

Day 2


Then again maybe I'm deluding myself and I'm just a fish, who knows 🤣

Day 2: 

played: 77 (including 1 , 1 euro hexapro). 
P/L: - €9.78

Challenge Total: 

played: 197
P/L: -€14.66

Today's / Tonights MTT schedule looks like this....

1) 10 qualifier to 100 Supernova tomorrow. 
2) €5 (€1k Galaxy)
3) Community €5 event tonight @ 7.30pm
4) Community €10 event tonight @ 7.30pm

gl if you're in the community events hope to see ya there 🆒



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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a quick little update given it's been two weeks...
Good news is challenge is still alive! Bad news is I haven't played any HUSNG's since my last update.
I did place a 30 euro sports bet !!!!!!!!! ;/ lol.
At which point I decided to withdraw my remaining bankroll... which I did, and I haven't played since.

This is a victory. Because usually when I start sports betting I just bet my whole poker bankroll. 🤣

Will be updating again in a week or so once I get a break from work, and can start playing them again.

In meantime... I did take my 2 euro MTT ticket... and turned it into 30 odd euros by finishing deep in an MTT (won't spoiler )
I then of course proceeded to sports bet my 30 euro winnings. But all good! It was from a 2 euro ticket.

So will be putting my bankroll back on at some point in about a week, and carrying on from where left off.

I recorded the 2 euro MTT run... so will post that later tonight.

Hope you're all crushing your poker (and life goals!)

In other news I just upgraded to youtube paid subscription... because they really seem to have upped the ad spam now, and I just can't stand it interrupting music anymore, they got me... :wonder:


Speaking of which here's a nice song...

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