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Dodgy Hexapro Dealings


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Hi all, 

Firstly i'm not saying this is happening, i'm just saying it's a possibility and I hope Unibet security is wise to it.

In my opinion the Hexapro countdown encourages collusion. For instance a group of friends could pile into these again and again and find themselves on the same tables. They could both then go all in with nothing first hand - which is happening a lot - and squeeze out the third player who is immediately at a 2-1 chip disadvantage. In theory they could mop up anyway but if they then hit the jackpot they're laughing. If they don't end up on together then so be it, they could still win and take down the jackpot anyway though.

Again, I''m not saying this is happening, I would just like reassurance that Unibet are on top of things.

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I see your point but I think it's very very hard.

First of all, the number of games when the promotional jackpot hits is unknown and random, you just know it will take a maximum of 10,000 games to hit it.

There are so many players playing them, it's just very hard to take advantage of it.

The chance to end up in the same game is not great unless games are higher and then there are some additional security measures too (same IP can't play same HexaPro for example) and a very big bankroll would be needed for this kind of play.

Of course nothing is impossible but I highly doubt that something like this is going on, for collusion there are simply too many factors in play that make collusion hard and also expensive.


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That would be very difficult for 2 friends to end up at the same table in Hexapro.

The traffic is busy enough , when I play 10 tables most of the time it's different players I meet.  It could happen maybe a few times , but not something I will use my energy on. 

Of course there is also a chance they could switch nick names to make it difficult to spot , still can't see it being profitable when they never know if they will end up on the same table. 




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