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Winner or loser on the river !!!


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@Merenitsu wrote:

@SCOBY You did not notice the pattern. The river very often decides the outcome of the fight lately. But this is just one card. GL man 😃

@Merenitsu  mistake! not one card  but  this is Event :/

@Merenitsu start from today count the river and turn for you good (2outer or 6 outers)  :)  i hate this screenshots from preflop-Omaha ... @SCOBY really ? even in Holdem  in 4-allin your top two pairs are sensitive ...beacuse you have additional outs against you ... 

@Merenitsu  Count the cards o the river against @SCOBY in last one -  Omaha ...  how many cards was dealt?  how many left ?

What do you think when cards are on the table in this order:

4d Td 3h  - Qd - Kh  - does that mean the flop killed @SCOBY or someone else?

it must be repeated for boredom :  if you decide to preflop-Allin (flip in many cases ,in this one Omaha this is pure flip ...) the order of the cards does not matter!  what counts is only the final result ... 


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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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Yes, the RIVER!! :) For this very reason I made my decision today, enough is enough, bye bye.

On top of this I also noticed few other things. Pretty often I see flush vs flush and thats fine but then I quite often see full over full. What the... ??? Also when I hold AA KK suddenly everyone folds, on like 80% time. Yes they will say its poker. Possibly. Its just too much for me. I want to go and try elsewhere to compare.

Full withdrawal pending now.

I saw few posts about this RIVERs too, this has only helped me to decide that something MIGHT not be right here.

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@chrisv401  did you play on Stars or PP? :)  My worst bad beats and back-to-back 1,2-outers on the river was there  in important moments, but omg i had also rivers/turns/boards on my side against the dominating hands. Maybe everyone should start counting rivers/turns favorable for them ;) One thing is sure in bigger field you will have to win more flips/hands and you will see many bad flops, turns and rivers and story will be the same as here or even worst :) 

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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